Running Back to You

No matter where life takes us,
No matter how many times we get separated,
In the end, I’ll always run back to you.

The long nights we stayed up yelling,
The countless fights we’ve had,
Even when I ran away, I ran right back to you.

When I’m with you I know I’m safe,
I never have fear when you’re around,
When fear strikes, I’ll always run to you.

I love the long drives we go on,
I love the late night talks we have,
When I’m in need of a friend, I’ll go running to you.

When I’m having a bad day,
Or just need a good laugh,
I’ll put a smile on my face, and run to you.

I hope we always stay close,
I’m only a phone call away,
If my phone rings and your name pops up, I’ll always run back to you.

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