I’m a YouTuber Now? What?

Hey guys!
Welcome back 💙

Yes, you read the title right. As another attempt to publicly embarrass myself along with all my friends, I’m starting a YouTube channel. Now you can follow my life even more and see what goes on behind all the writing.

I’m super excited, but at the same time I’m so, so nervous. I’m scared nobody will watch, which is stupid because my life is sooooo interesting… this is why I hate myself. Just kidding. Don’t come at me.

Anyways, I’m still going to blog. Writing is my passion and that’s never going to change. I’ve always wanted to try vlogging, so here we go. Every time I post a video, I’ll link it in my most recent post, along with on all my social media. So if you aren’t following me, you better start! Social media will be below! Now you get to see twice as much as me. I’m so sorry.

For now, I don’t have an uploading schedule. Hopefully at least once a week. I’m just going to go with the flow because I’m really lazy and I’m probably going to suck at first. But hang in there, and enjoy my random, weird life with all my friends by my side. That’s right, all 7 of them.

Social Media 

Instagram: Abby_Marie.12
Twitter: Abby_Marie2194
Snapchat: Abbs717
Pinterest: AbbyCarroll360
Email: AbbyCarroll360@gmail.com



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