Storytime: Pregnancy Prank Gone Wrong

Hey guys!
Welcome back.

For starters: Carly is pregnant. I’m not.
That’s a very important detail in this story.

So today on “I shouldn’t have any friends because I pull dumb shit like this all the time and they should hate me, but somehow they still love me and choose to be my best friends”.
No they really do love me… I hope.
I pulled a prank on my 6 guy friends.
If you don’t know me very well, you don’t know that I joke around a lot. Sometimes I take things way too far. Do I care? Not really.

Last Saturday night, Carly, John, Nick and I were hanging out around town. We were pretty bored, cruising around, lighting roads on fire (it was an accident), even though it was raining. Carly got the idea for her to pee on a pregnancy test and prank my friends Sam, Keigan, Ryan and Cj. Off to Walmart we went.
Hey, we needed something to do. I know, we’re terrible, terrible people.

We went to Walmart and got the 88 cent pregnancy test. John made Carly take it while we were at Walmart because he was anxious. Also, while we were there we got sugar cookies, cupcakes and a cookie cake. Why? I don’t know. Then we sat in the parking lot on a massive sugar high.

Around 12:30 we all got home. I had been texting Sam saying I needed to tell him something important. I had him all anxious… Again I know, we’re terrible people. When I got home, I FaceTimed him and this is how it went:

(I was FaceTiming Sam on my iPad and had Carly on the phone).
Me: Hi Sam
Sam: Hey… what did you need to talk about?
Me: Well… Something happened.
Sam: Tell me…
Me: I’m going to show you *Holds up pregnancy test*
Sam: Uhhhh okay bye!
Me: *Cracks up*
Carly: *Hysterically laughing*
Sam: Oh my god guys.
Me: Okay, now lets prank the group chat.

The people in the group chat are Sam, Keigan, John, Nick, Ryan, and Cj. My 6 best guy friends. Since Nick and John were there when Carly got the pregnancy test, they knew it was happening. But, they didn’t know that Sam knew. So they thought his reaction was real, not played up. At the same time, they were faking it. Sam knew they were in on it.

We caused a massive scene.

First off, Keigan called it right away. The first thing he even said was “Carly pissed on it”. Smart kid. Nobody believed him though. Nobody ever believes Keigan. Sorry kid.
Sam played it off like he was hella pissed saying things like “I treated her like a princess and this is what she does to me!”

Pregnancy Prank: The Confusion .PNG Pregnancy Prank: Nick Getting Mad.PNG

At this point, everybody was trying to calm Sam down. While at the same time, Sam was on FaceTime with me and we were struggling to breathe because we were laughing so hard. So then Sam goes off on Nick. Nick didn’t know that Sam knew so Nick took it personal, went off on Sam and blocked him. At this point all hell broke loose. We were still laughing though. Once again, terrible, terrible people. Sorry. Not.

Now this had been going on for about a half hour. Everybody turning on one another. I didn’t tell them who the “dad” was so they were all blaming each other. Sam was accusing everybody. Then we decided to do the grand finale and really get it going.
(Sidenote: Sam had permission from me to say everything he did. Because remember, we’re terrible, terrible people.) 

Pregnancy Prank: Sam Blowing Up .jpg

Then, it was Ryan’s turn to fall off his rocker.


Ryan lost it. Sam and I were laughing so hard. We decided to call it a night and finish it up since it was almost 2 in the morning.

Pregancy Prank: Happily Ever After.PNG

Everything was happily ever after. We all went to bed and woke up the next day laughing at everything that had happened.

This was probably the longest but funniest blog I’ve ever written. I had to stop writing this so many times because I was laughing too hard. I hope you all liked reading. I’ll be back with another Storytime soon!

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