February Recap

Hey guys!
Welcome back!

February was a weird month. Some pretty awful things happened, but some pretty great things happened as well, that made the awful things not so bad.

Starting off February 1st, guess who was not only dumped, but cheated on?! This girl! What a great start to the month, right? Oh well, I’m over it. Not my problem anymore. Before I was over it, I was a train wreck. I didn’t think that would ever happen to me. Life didn’t want me to have a good Groundhog Day apparently.

After hating myself for about two weeks I realized I had the absolute best friends in the entire world. Carly, Sam, Keigan, Nick, Ryan, Cj, and John are the reasons why I’m so happy today. Shoutout to you idiots for making my life better.

February 10th I decided to drench my head in bleach. I love killing… I mean bleaching, my hair. We’ll be alright.

February Recap: Bleached Hair .JPG

Steve Harvey was killing it on Family Feud.

February 14th… Valentine’s Day came around and while I was getting better after the breakup, I was pretty upset that I was spending it alone after planning out a big day. My friends, being the great people they are, decided to all get together and have a damn good time. You can never go wrong with ice cream and best friends.

Valentine's Day Alone

February 16th. Friday night. Most 17-20 year olds would wanna be out partying. Not us. Sam, Nick, Keigan and I sat in my room all night and watched TV, playing stupid trivia February Recap: Group Chat(We won a penny), and ate our hearts out. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

February 17th came pretty fast. I wasn’t having a good day at all, so Sam came over and we found some creepy child show called Boohbah. If any of you have seen it, let me know in the comments. None of our friends have heard of it except me. It’s driving me crazy and they all think I’m crazy.

February Recap: BoohBah .PNG

Febraury Recap: Bowling

That night, Sam, Nick, Cj and a few others went bowling. I had the time of my life with them. Even though I literally sucked so bad. I got McDonald’s fries though, so it all ended up being alright.



February 18th. Carly, John, Nick and I decided to go to the city and jack around all day. We went to Burger King, the mall, Walmart and had good time while acting like children. Especially when Nick wants to be a dinosaur…. or whatever this is…

February Recap: Nick Go Home.JPG  I don’t know… We don’t know how to act in public if you can tell.

February 19th, the power went out at 8 in the morning. I’m the kind of person who has to sleep with some kind of sound on or I can’t sleep and I go crazy. So right when my TV went off I woke up. It was raining and I heard thunder. I was scared and pissed. Storms scare me and I didn’t have wifi. After about an hour the power came back on and Sam brought me coffee since I already only got 4 hours of sleep. I needed a lot of coffee that day.

February Recap: Olive


The day after that, February 20th, the weather decided to be a bipolar mess. It was 60 degrees in the morning, by 4 in the afternoon it was 35 degrees. I’m going to end up getting sick from this. Send help.

February Recap: No Keigan .JPG  Then this kid showed up…

February 23rd my favorite cousin Devynn came down for the weekend. Her, Sam and I went on a Taco Bell adventure, then ended up back at my house and watched a scary movie. I don’t know how, but we ended up watching vine compilations until midnight.

February Recap: Sam & Taco Bell.JPG

February 24th got pretty turnt. By turnt, I mean Carly, John, Nick and I went to Walmart. We got cupcakes, cookies, a cookie cake, Doritos and a bunch of soda. Then we sat in the Walmart parking lot and had a sugar high. Then we pulled a pretty good prank. Blog about that coming later this week *wink wink* so be on the look out for that!


February 26th I got a super special visitor at my house in the afternoon! Samm showed up! I was so happy, so we had to take 300 pictures together, of course.


That was my month! It was filled with sadness, happiness, laughter and so many more emotions. Good and bad. But I know my friends are always here with me no matter what.

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  1. oh my god your friends legit sound like life savers. I’m sorry you got cheated on, but it’s better that you found out now and got over him than finding out after being with him longer 🙂 xx

    1. That’s what everybody has said. I’m glad I did find out now, rather than 10 years down the road when we have a family. It sucks, but I’ll get over it. Thanks for reading 💙

  2. It’s so good that you have friends you can do things with and that can cheer you up. I don’t have any friends, so any time I’m really feeling down, I don’t have anyone here for me. I sort of just deal with things on my own… and vent on the internet. lol

    1. That’s how I used to be.. I didn’t have anybody when I was younger. I would pray that I would have a friend group someday. It finally happened and I’m so blessed to have them here. If you ever need to vent to anybody or need a friend to talk to, know I’m always here 💙

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