I used to love being alone with my thoughts. I loved sitting in my room, listening to music, writing out all my feelings. Now my thoughts haunt me. The pages of what used to be filled with good vibes is now filled with my negative never ending thoughts.

I can’t stand the loneliness anymore. I force myself to constantly surround myself with my friends and family. If I’m not alone, I can’t listen to my thoughts. I can easily ignore them. The perfect distraction.

Until it’s 4 in the morning and everyone is sleeping. Where do I go now?
My thoughts slowly start creeping into my mind. I try my hardest to ignore it. Minutes go by and I want to give up.

I let my thoughts surround me until I’m an emotional wreck. I let the tears fall. I let it all out. I’m vulnerable now. I think I’m going to lose myself.

Then I glance up and see sunlight.
I made it.

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  1. You are never alone Abby! You have awesome friends and, based on what people say about your blogs, lots of great followers!

    Life is a b*tch. It will throw what looks to be nasty things at you every once in a while. It’s never easy, but no matter what, things will always work out.

  2. Hey, remember you can only create your writing when you are alone in your room at 4 in the morning. Take these opportunities to write away and you never know. The words might just flow. This is a beautiful post full of beautiful writing from a beautiful soul. Keep on keeping on…

    1. Thank you. I love writing late at night. It makes me feel better when I get all my feelings out on paper. Sometimes the feelings seem so sad, but once I get it all out, I feel good and I love getting my story out there to help others.

  3. I’m always here for you Abby if you’d ever want to talk to someone. I really good you’ll be okay and things get better for you. I love having time by myself but there definitely are times when even I can hate it for one reason or another. Sending you hugs!! ❤

    1. Aww thank you so much! I love being alone since I’m an introvert, but lately I can’t handle it. I have friends that stay up with me on the phone until I fall asleep to make sure I don’t do anything stupid. I’ll make sure to remember you next time I feel alone 🙂

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