Lifelines: Carly

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I’m starting a new series on my blog. It’s called Lifelines, as you can tell by the title. Each week, for no set period of time, I’m going to write about somebody close to me who has made a big impact on my life in a positive way. Somebody who has been there through thick and thin and still loves me even though I’m crazy.

My first lifeline is none other than my best friend, Carly. We’ve been friends for six years which is my longest friendship with anybody. She is my number one supporter. She knows me better than I know myself and loves me for who I am. Plus, she’s just as crazy as me! We make a great pair.

Christmas walk

We also have our Timmy/Jimmy alter egos which makes everything better. Everything is better when you have a twin brother.

Abby & Carly

A lot of the people we hangout with can only hangout with one of us at a time because when we’re together we get too annoying for everybody. I don’t know how that happens, but we don’t have a lot of friends… all we need is each other though! Our parents can’t even handle us if that says anything.

Speaking of people not being able to deal with us, we’ve done some pretty stupid things to make people not want to be around us. Like the time we let a demon loose in my basement… don’t use a Ouija Board kids… just don’t. I still refuse to go into my basement alone haha. Or the time we went to Steak n Shake for milkshakes and she had a mental breakdown.


Overal, she’s my best friend and will forever be my best friend. We’ve never gotten into an actual fight (except the time I threw a chair at her). Whenever I get bullied she’s the first one there to kick some ass. Which she’s done before. It was awesome. In the six short years we’ve been friends she’s taught me that it’s alright to be different. Before she was in my life I was a shy, quiet girl who didn’t do anything. Now I never shut up. So everybody who hates that, thank Carly.


I hope you all liked reading! Come back next week for another one of my Lifelines.

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