After every heartbreak, every bad ending, when one chapter ends, recovery follows. It’s not always easy, nor is every step a step taken forward. It’s all a process. You don’t know how long it’ll take, or how hard it will be. There will be good days and bad days. In life there are obstacles. I will recover. 

There will be no tears cried over you anymore. I will not lose sleep because of you anymore. I will get back out there and continue to live my life. Your negativity doesn’t affect me anymore. Your presence that once was here will not haunt me again.

I am free. I am alive. I am recovering.

I used to say I couldn’t live without you, I couldn’t breathe without you. Look at me now. I’m breathing just fine on my own. I’ll be okay. I have the best support system ever and I’m beyond grateful and blessed to have them in my life.

I never thought I would be where I am today. I’ve been at my lowest, I’ve been at my highest. I can’t wait to make more memories with my ride or dies.

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  1. you can’t see it but its there, you’ve struggled to grow stronger. you’ve been in pain to relief. Life will beat you up and give you bruises, but it will also heal. No matter what never give up and always be you.

  2. You don’t see it but you’ve made it. You fought for your happiness and you won. You never gave up and never will, you won. Don’t ever stop being you. Life will bruise you but it will also heal. No matter what don’t ever give up and never change because you are exactly where you are suppose to be.

    1. You’re very welcome 💙 I’m so glad I could share my story to help you and I’m sending much love your way

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