Life Update

Hey guys,
Welcome back.

Long time no talk right? I haven’t been on here in about a week and a half. Let me get into why.

Lately, the seasonal depression deal has been hitting me hard. I just want it to be warm and sunny. I wanna be about to go outside without wearing 200 pounds of clothes just to keep from going numb.

Also, my anxiety has been off the charts high. It’s been a 24/7 deal for going on 7 days. It doesn’t show signs of stopping either. It’s been a big reason for me not being active on here, as well as most of my social media. I’m very sorry. I feel like I’m letting you all down.

Along with my anxiety getting very bad, my immune system has started to slow down. I’ve been feeling sick the past few days. I’ve been dizzy, lightheaded, I lost my appetite, my muscles ache, and I’ve lost pretty much all motivation.

But here I am, trying my hardest to make sure you all know I’m still here, I’m alive and I promise once I get better there will be amazing content out. I’ve been working on a new series for awhile now and the second I feel better it will be going up.

I hope you all understand my need for taking a short break. I didn’t want to write something that wasn’t 100% full effort. I’ll be back very soon.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. ๐Ÿ™ For some reason, I haven’t been feeling too good at nights. I’m fine during the day, but then at night, I just start to feel kind of bad. I’m thinking it could be from anxiety too.

  2. We all need to take a break and reset! I hope you are feeling more like yourself soon and I can’t wait to read the new series!! If it is what I think it is it will be awesome!!!!

  3. You’re totally fine for taking a blogging break!! I really hope your anxiety and sickness gets better, and more sunny days head your way soon xxx ๐ŸŒž

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