20 for 20

Hey guys!

Guess what?! It’s my birthday!
I’m not a teen anymore!
I beat teen pregnancy!

Okay, but I literally don’t feel any different. I still look 15. Nothing has changed except I’ve made it another year.

Over the past month I’ve gotten so many new followers. Hey to all of you! I hope you like reading my posts. Today, this post is more generalized towards you. Since I’ve gotten so many new followers, I’m going to list 20 facts about myself so my new readers can get to know me better:

  • I’m a brunette but I’m blonde at heart.

Abby & Carly.jpg

  • I’m naturally flexible.
  • I have a ‘slight’ obsession with Bath & Body Works.


  • I have OCD.
  • Dance Moms, Ghost Adventures and SpongeBob are my favorite shows.
  • I have an insanely fast metabolism.
  • I’m severely addicted to coffee. It’s bad.


  • I hate it when people don’t know how to use to proper forms of ‘your’ and ‘there’. Drives me absolutely insane.
  • I’m the worst at texting people back.
  • I get seasonal depression in the winter.
  • My best friend of 6 years is Carly. (Jimmy).
  • Tana Mongeau and Shane Dawson are my idols.
  • I’m literally always cold.
  • I say “Literally” too much.
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • I love trap music.
  • I have a cat named Smokey.


  • I have an iPhone 7Plus.
  • I’m the laziest person you will ever know.
  • I believe in ghosts.
  • I have general anxiety disorder.
  • One of my friends has the same birthday as me. (I’m older by a few hours). 


  • I get distracted too easily.
  • This is more than 20 facts… oops.

That’s enough for now. If you’re new here, follow me on all my social media down below to keep up with my life! Talk to you all next time!

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Snapchat: Abbs717
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12 thoughts on “20 for 20

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  1. Happy birthday! Don’t forget to change your age on your sidebar now. It still says 19. 😉

    Your hair is so long! I can’t get mine to grow that long. I feel like it grows to a certain length and then just stops.

    I also hate when people use the wrong use of your and there. I also love trap music. 🙂

    I feel like one of the only iPhone users who still has an older model. (I have the 5s, and I just got it a year ago). I can’t afford the newer versions. =/

    1. Thank you! I’ll have to change that I completely forgot haha
      I’ve been growing my hair out for 5 years now. I take the hair, skin and nail gummy vitamins. They work wonders.
      I hope you’re able to get a new iPhone in the future! My best friend still has the 4. It’s so tiny compared to my phone, but her processor is going out so she has to get a new one soon.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I’m also so bad at texting people back, I ‘LITERALLY’ (also something we have in common!) text someone back today who text me on the 3rd of January, I’m horrendous!

    This is a great post, and lovely to know more about you. I hope you had a lovely birthday!

    Nat x – nataliehansonblog.wordpress.com

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