Life Update

Hey guys,
Welcome back.

Long time no talk right? I haven’t been on here in about a week and a half. Let me get into why.

Lately, the seasonal depression deal has been hitting me hard. I just want it to be warm and sunny. I wanna be about to go outside without wearing 200 pounds of clothes just to keep from going numb.

Also, my anxiety has been off the charts high. It’s been a 24/7 deal for going on 7 days. It doesn’t show signs of stopping either. It’s been a big reason for me not being active on here, as well as most of my social media. I’m very sorry. I feel like I’m letting you all down.

Along with my anxiety getting very bad, my immune system has started to slow down. I’ve been feeling sick the past few days. I’ve been dizzy, lightheaded, I lost my appetite, my muscles ache, and I’ve lost pretty much all motivation.

But here I am, trying my hardest to make sure you all know I’m still here, I’m alive and I promise once I get better there will be amazing content out. I’ve been working on a new series for awhile now and the second I feel better it will be going up.

I hope you all understand my need for taking a short break. I didn’t want to write something that wasn’t 100% full effort. I’ll be back very soon.

Heat Wave!

Hey guys!

It’s 33 degrees today! (0 degrees for all you Celsius people). That’s the highest it’s been in quite awhile.
Heat wave!

It’s pretty sunny right now. It’s put me in a pretty good mood for the day. I’ve gotten a sudden burst of energy and I’ve been up and doing so much today. With a lot of work and big big news to come, I can see spring in the distance.

Come back soon to hear all the big news!

(Sorry this post is so short)

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20 for 20

Hey guys!

Guess what?! It’s my birthday!
I’m not a teen anymore!
I beat teen pregnancy!

Okay, but I literally don’t feel any different. I still look 15. Nothing has changed except I’ve made it another year.

Over the past month I’ve gotten so many new followers. Hey to all of you! I hope you like reading my posts. Today, this post is more generalized towards you. Since I’ve gotten so many new followers, I’m going to list 20 facts about myself so my new readers can get to know me better:

  • I’m a brunette but I’m blonde at heart.

Abby & Carly.jpg

  • I’m naturally flexible.
  • I have a ‘slight’ obsession with Bath & Body Works.


  • I have OCD.
  • Dance Moms, Ghost Adventures and SpongeBob are my favorite shows.
  • I have an insanely fast metabolism.
  • I’m severely addicted to coffee. It’s bad.


  • I hate it when people don’t know how to use to proper forms of ‘your’ and ‘there’. Drives me absolutely insane.
  • I’m the worst at texting people back.
  • I get seasonal depression in the winter.
  • My best friend of 6 years is Carly. (Jimmy).
  • Tana Mongeau and Shane Dawson are my idols.
  • I’m literally always cold.
  • I say “Literally” too much.
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • I love trap music.
  • I have a cat named Smokey.


  • I have an iPhone 7Plus.
  • I’m the laziest person you will ever know.
  • I believe in ghosts.
  • I have general anxiety disorder.
  • One of my friends has the same birthday as me. (I’m older by a few hours). 


  • I get distracted too easily.
  • This is more than 20 facts… oops.

That’s enough for now. If you’re new here, follow me on all my social media down below to keep up with my life! Talk to you all next time!

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Mystery Blogger Award

Hey guys! Welcome back.

Today, well, a week or two.. maybe 3, I got nominated for the mystery blogger award by In A Messy World. Thank you so much 💙. Go check out her blog it’s so unique and wonderful to read. Okoto Enigma is the creator of the award.

Now, lets get into this.


  • Put the award logo/image on your blog.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Nominate 10-20 people.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify).
  • Share a link to your best post.

3 Things About Me 

  1. I have a hyper active metabolism which causes me to lose weight instead of gain weight. It’s a blessing and a curse. I can eat whatever I want and not gain a pound, but I’m 25 pounds underweight.
  2. I still like getting hand written letters instead of emails and texts. It’s nice to see a letter in the mail from a friend who lives a few hours away.
  3. I’m not big on makeup. I do it sometimes, more when I get bored and have nothing else to do. But I love the way my skin looks natural, even with pimples. I don’t know I’m weird.

Questions I Got Asked

What made you start a blog and when? 

  • I started a blog last March (It’s almost been a year!). I started a blog to show people who have anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses that they aren’t and we can get through it together.

Would you rather have a mustache for the rest of your life or have a beard for the rest of your life? 

  • A moustache. It’s smaller than a beard.

Your favorite fast food restaurant? 

  • Steak n Shake.

Flats or boots? 

  • Boots

What are your embarrassing moments? 

  • I knocked myself out one day walking out of my house while my garage door was opening. I wasn’t paying attention and smacked my head into it and blacked out for a second.

What’s your long-term goal, if any? 

  • To make blogging my full time job.

My Questions

  1. Twitter or Snapchat?
  2. Fake nails or real nails?
  3. Would you rather never be able to wear makeup again, or never be able to wear deodorant?
  4. Do you want to live in a big house or a small house? Why?
  5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I nominate 

Travels of a Beauty Addict
Simple Ula
The Diary Of Ellie
The Empress Magic
Love Hayley Beth
Veronica M

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Why Are You Allowed to Talk Ep. 3

*This is a series of dumb things my friends and I say* 

Carly: The baby shit.
Andrew: The baby lost her shit! *Starts laughing so hard he starts crying, snot coming out of his nose, drool going everywhere*
My Friend: Are you crying?! You’re a vagina.


Andrew: *On the phone with Keigan* Oh god I left my dryer on, I gotta go.
Keigan: Oh okay bye.


Me: *Singing at 2 in the morning* I been fucking pills and popping hoes… wait…
Nick: Ummm how does that work?


Me: At least John bought me a pretzel!
Samm: What about my pretzel?!
John: That sucks!


Andrew: Abby, Nick just broke my heart…
Me: How?
Andrew: He said he’s not into men…
Me: *Looks at Nick who is laughing uncontrollably*


Andrew: *Bowls a strike*
John: *Points and yells* You’re a piece of shit!


Me: Can you take Carly and I at the same time?
My friend: Ummm I can whoop both of your asses at the same time blindfolded if that’s what you mean.
Carly: Oh…
Me: Bet!


*Playing Monopoly*
Andrew: The longest game of Monopoly lasted 70 days.
Me: Man, I don’t think I could stay awake that long…
Coleen: *Cracks up* Abby… they take breaks and sleep.


Carly: He couldn’t have gone out the back door because there’s a fence, and he would’ve had to hump the fence to get there.
Andrew: Hump.
Carly: Hop.
Me: *Cracking up*


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Ice Skating Adventure

Hey guys! Welcome back!

Over the weekend I went ice skating for the first time ever. I thought I was going to fall and break every bone in my body. I’ve been roller blading, but not ice skating. How different could they be? One is one slippery, cold ice while the other is in a nice warm room with a semi soft floor.

Ice Skating.jpeg

“It’s just like roller blading, but on ice. Keep your center of balance and you’ll do fine!” said my friend who has been ice skating since he was little.

For one, I have no balance. I can’t walk in a straight line sober if that says anything. I’m not graceful in any way, shape or form.

“Everybody out here looks so graceful and I’m out here looking like a beached whale.” As I flop everywhere and make an attempt to save myself from falling.

It was Andrew’s first time ice skating too. He did surprisingly good for never roller blading or ice skating before and having terrible balance. We both only fell once. He claims he didn’t fall, but he did.

Ice Skating - Andrew falling.jpeg

At least we tried it. But, by the end of the night we were doing pretty darn good and our ankles were a little sore. I still suck at balancing, but I’m mildly decent now. I can’t wait to go again.

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