What Being A Teen Taught Me

I can’t believe I have one month left of being a teenager.

30 Days, 744 Hours, 44,640 Minutes, 2,678,400 Seconds. 

Where the hell did the time go?

13 years old to 19 years old. So much has happened in those years to say the least. I found my best friend of 6 years who I’ve talked to every single day since then. She’s gone through it all with me. I’m still in the same friend group that I’ve been in since I was 16. Nothing has changed there. I’ve ditched some crappy friends and made some amazing new ones. I even got a cat. Here’s what being a teen taught me.

  1. It’s okay not to have it all figured out. I still don’t have my life figured out. I don’t think I ever will.
  2. The friends you think you’ll have forever, you won’t. I was best friends with a guy for two years, the most toxic relationship I’ve ever been in. We went our separate ways.
  3. Having acne is okay. It’s not the end of the world. Just drink some more water.
  4. Coffee will become your number 1 priority at times.
  5. College is not the most important thing in the world when you graduate.
  6. Just because you’re 19 and look 14 doesn’t make you different.
  7. Don’t take life so seriously. Nobody makes it out alive.
  8. Exercise is important.
  9. Sleep is also important.
  10. Country and city kids can get along peacefully. We choose not to though.
  11. Guys and girls can be friends without it being anything more.
  12. People will talk about you behind your back. Their lives are so boring and pathetic that they just can’t keep your name out of their mouths. It’s kinda like being famous.   Famous words of Tana: “Your tweet just gave me clout”. 
  13. Age is just a number.
  14. It’s okay to take naps.
  15. Appreciate everything you have. You never know when it’ll all be gone. Don’t take anything for granted.
  16. Appearance isn’t everything. Sometimes it’s what’s inside that counts.
  17. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up.
  18. Never give up on something just because you’re having a bad day.
  19. Learn how to cook and bake. You’ll hate your life if you eat noodles all the time.
  20. Moisturize your face every night.

There’s 20 things I learned before 20. Hopefully my 20’s bring as much happiness and great memories that my teenage years did. I hope you all liked reading! How old are you?

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  1. Hey so I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my last post to participate in, The Mystery Blogger Award. Please check out my ast post for that!

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  2. Woohoo! Thats exactly what I’m experiencing now being ’17’. It is so relatable. People and friends do play a very crucial role in spicing up our teen life😂Thanks for this post!

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