Why Are You Allowed to Talk Ep. 2

*This is a series of dumb/funny things my friends and I say*

Andrew: *Talking to a friend* You look like Amelia Earhart with that jacket on.


Me: *Sees a helicopter* is that Life Alert?

Carly: Life Alert?! Do you mean Life Flight?!

Me: Oops, yeah…

Carly: Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Okay we’re sending a helicopter.


Sam: *Sitting in his Range Rover* I wonder what happens if I put it in drive.?


Andrew: *Talking to my nephew Jordan, who’s from the city* It was rather flame my guy.

Jordan: *Dies laughing* What….?

Andrew: Is that not what they say in the city? I was trying to sound like one of you city kids.

Jordan: No.


Me: *Talking to a drunk friend* it might snow…

Friend: What?! No it’s 44 outside! It has to be 32% degrees outside to snow!

Me: Thirty two… percent degrees… yep. You need to sleep now.


Keigan: Watch me put 20 cough drops in my mouth and see what happens.

*Puts 20 cough drops in mouth*

*10 minutes later*

Keigan: Guys… I can’t feel my face.


Me: *Singing*

Andrew: I don’t know if it’s because you have a nasally voice but you sound like a 12 year old boy.


*Andrew, Carly and I going through the drive through at Starbucks*

Andrew: *Starts playing camel sounds through the radio*

Starbucks Lady: *Opens the window* *Starts laughing*

* We all lost our shit*


Keigan: Stop being racist…. I’m a giraffe!!


Please enjoy this as a final segment:


I hope you guys liked that haha. This is one of my favorite things to write about because it really shows you my true self and how I love to have fun and do stupid things.


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