Summertime Sadness


I’m in denial that it’s getting cold out. Yesterday, it was 25 degrees outside and there I was, standing outside in a t-shirt, sweats, and my Nike slides, trying to get my cat out of a bush. I miss the summer heat.


I like the winter, don’t get me wrong. The snow is beautiful and I love hot chocolate. But I don’t like the cold. I get cold very easily and I don’t like that. I haven’t been able to feel my fingers all morning. It’s freezing in my room. Perfect. Can I go South with the geese?


It’s days like this when I really miss summer. I miss swimming at the lake, getting ice cream late at night with old friends, tanning on my trampoline, driving around with all the windows down while blaring music. I’m depressed.

Fall is pretty much over now. Almost all the trees have lost their leaves, it’s getting below freezing at night, and I’m cold. Depressing. At least there’s football to look forward to. Go Seahawks!


Soon it’ll be spring once again and everything will slowly start to thaw out. The million shades of green will come back and so will all the animals. I’ll be warm again and the happiness will return. For now, I’ll be in my room under 20 blankets, eating thousands of chicken nuggets with my space heater on, and watching SpongeBob. Oh, my cat will be there too. Can’t forget about him.

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  1. I hate the winter 😭 Legitimately every time I go out to play basketball – my fingers freeze and my nose turns red like hello, Rudolf here! It’s like I get a mini cold and I feel so lazy and ugh I feel you.

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