Beginning – End of the Year

So I saw this thing on Twitter yesterday… (I’m addicted to Twitter everybody follow me @Abby_Marie2194 I’m kinda funny sometimes). I got tagged in a challenge to post a picture of you from the beginning of the year and one from the end of the year. I thought this was pretty interesting. I went through my camera roll to find a picture of me from the beginning of the year and holy hell was my hair brown. I kinda forgot what my actual hair color is since I’m so used to being a blonde.

End of the Year Challenge

Here’s one of the first pictures I found:

March 11 2017

I was really rocking the lion mane then. I didn’t realize how chocolatey brown my natural hair color is. I kinda like it, but I love having blonde hair even more.

Here’s a picture from the middle of the year when I had just gotten my hair bleached.

July 2017

Big difference. For one I turned into a dog. Didn’t think that was possible did ya? Haha… I’m really not funny.

Anyway, now here’s a picture from last month.

Winter hair

My natural color is starting to come back in and my hair has gotten a lot longer. I’ve also turned into a flower goddess if you couldn’t tell. I think it’s safe to say the only thing that really changed was my hair. I’m still the same idiot I promise.

I know this wasn’t a Christmas/Winter post, but it’s hard to think of 25 days of Christmas. I promise there will be more seasonally themed posts in the future! 💙

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