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Most of you who know me wonder how the hell do I keep my hair looking healthy since I treat it like crap by bleaching it all the time. Well, other than the fact that I’m balding from all the anxiety I’m doing pretty good at keeping my hair looking socially acceptable.

In the winter, I only wash my hair twice a week. No more, no less. It gets really cold here and when it gets cold, my hair gets really dry, so maintaining some level of natural oils in my hair is really important. Plus, I’m not sweating in the winter to get my hair greasy. It stays pretty clean between washings.

If I do happen to do something that involves sweating, I use dry shampoo. It makes my hair less greasy looking without drying it out to make it fall out. Just spray it on, style it and comb it out. Everything works out just fine.

Next, I NEVER use a brush. I have pretty thin hair, but it’s really long so it takes forever to comb out. I noticed when I brushed my hair, it would fall out more and I’d have twice as many split ends. When I use a comb, my hair hardly falls out and there’s barely any split ends.

Using heat is also a big no no for me. I let my hair air dry after I wash it. Maybe once a month I’ll blow dry just the roots if I have to go somewhere in a hurry and it’s cold outside. If I want my hair wavy, I’ll put it in braids. If I want my hair curled, I won’t do anything because I don’t like my hair with curls. If I want straight hair I leave my hair as it is because it’s already naturally straight.

Coconut oil is my hairs best friend. In the winter, my hair gets really dry and itchy. Then the dandruff comes. That’s a big NO for me. I don’t need to walk around looking like Mt. Everest. Once a week I try to use a coconut oil hair mask before I wash my hair. It moisturizes my scalp and makes my hair feel so soft after I wash it.

I know I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but I also use Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins every day so that helps a lot. I never bleach or dye my hair in the winter either. I let the brown grow out and let my roots become healthy again. Then in the spring I start bleaching again until the fall.

Winter hair .JPG
November 2017

There you have it! What do you do to keep your hair under control?

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  1. Have you ever tried almond oil? I only recently started using it and it’s amazing! I used to always use coconut oil, but I’ve now been converted. I massage it into my scalp and run it all through my hair and leave it for a few hours or overnight and it honestly makes the biggest difference. It’s great for helping hair growth too ❤️

  2. Lately, I’ve been quite lazy with my hair again, just tying it up out of my face. I thought of cutting it real short, a lot. But too scared to, because I see long hair like yours and I’m like, “NOPE, Imma keeps mah length.” Have you ever had that thought?

    1. Well, I’ve always had kinda short hair growing up because that’s how my parents kept it. But since high school I’ve been growing it out because I would always see people will long hair and want it sooo bad! Over the summer there was about a week or two where I wanted to see what I would look like with short hair. I saw and thought it made me actually look my age haha. For once I looked 19 instead of 12! But I decided to keep my long hair because I think it’s a signature part of my body. Everybody calls it the lion mane haha. I really love your hair though 💙

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