My Christmas Decorations

Christmas is by far one of my favorite times of the year. I love everything about it. From decorating and baking to seeing family and watching Holiday Baking Championship on the Food Channel. Everything about it is great.

Each year after Thanksgiving (the day after to be exact), I decorate my room. Decorating my room takes about 7 hours to do. I have to dust everything, move a bunch of things down to the basement, bring everything up, get distracted by my phone 2,000 times, take 3 breaks and eat, start decorating, stub my toe and get mad, take a nap, then finally finish.

So here’s my Christmas decorations this year.

This first decoration is from Target. They’re snowflakes that light up.

Decorations: Light up Snowflakes

They were $5 so if you’re looking for a cheap but cute as hell decoration, Target is the way to go.

Decorations: Snowflakes

Here’s my other set of snowflakes. They don’t light up but they sure are cute. I stole these from my mom two years ago.

Decorations: Green Tree

Next is my traditional Christmas tree. This tree is very special to me because it’s my grandma’s. When she moved out of her house she gave it to me. I would decorate it with her every year when I was little so it seemed fitting for me to get it. The presents under it are fake. My mom gave me those for decoration a few years ago. I think it’s so cute.

Decorations: Coffee Table

Here is my coffee table. On the top is my favorite B&BW candle “Vanilla Bean Noel”. There’s a little Christmas tree in the center (It was also my grandma’s). I have a mailbox decoration that I stole from my mom a few years ago. Glad she doesn’t read these haha. I have a Starbucks cup that has little candy canes in it. The present on the left is from Menard’s that I got two years ago and on the opposite side is a candy tray full of my favorite candy: Reese’s. Lastly, behind the candy tray is a white and blue rose that Andrew got me a few days ago. I was sad so he wanted to cheer me up. Ain’t he just the best?

Then I have some Christmas cards and stuffies on the bottom.

Decorations: Top Coffee Table

Decorations: White Tree

Yes, I have two Christmas trees in my room. 1. I love Christmas. 2. My room is white and blue themed, so when I saw this tree I had to go for it. The ornaments I got at Walmart and the blue ones have glitter on them… there’s glitter all over my carpet over there but that’s alright! It’s pretty.

Decorations: B&BW Perfume

These are my top 3 favorite Christmas perfumes. Just had to throw this in there.

Decorations: Window Tinsel

On both of my windows I have silver tinsel up because why not?

Decorations: BedLast but not least is my bed. I love my bed. On it I have my pillow pet, two blue pillows, and an Illinois pillow because well, that’s where I live. Christmas wise, I have three really fuzzy blankets. The first one is a blue snowflake one (I have a thing for snowflakes), a red reindeer one and a Christmas quote blanket. I have a reindeer stuffy up against the wall too (Her name is Rudy). 

That’s my room! Hope you all enjoyed! Now I have to go send out some Christmas cards.


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  1. That’s a very Christmasy room! I don’t really decorate my room since mom goes all out in our living room and lights outside of the house. This does reminds me to put up my Christmas lights, at least.

    xx, Richel V. |

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