Christmas Walk | Day 3

Each year in this little town, there’s a Christmas walk. All the small businesses (Library, pharmacy, hardware store etc.) are open and you can go in there and get cookies and other sweets that I don’t need to be eating. Lord only knows I need more candy.

Of course, I was with my best friend Carly (Jimmy to some of you), and Andrew. We cause trouble everywhere we go.

Christmas walk.JPG

Christmas walk 2

We went to the firehouse and had soup. Her baby, Phoenyx slept the whole time. Carly decided to be a little festive and wear some reindeer antlers. She also had to ask me if Vixen was one of the reindeer. Yes Carly, Vixen is a reindeer.

There was a hay rack ride…. this happened.

Christmas walk 4


We’re all still children on the inside. No denying that.

Overall it was really fun. There was a fire so I wasn’t extremely cold. I saw a lot of my family and friends. After the Christmas walk I spent the night bowling (yes, I went bowling with a broken rib) with my best friends.


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  1. Hey there!
    It was a great post. I really love to read about people’s life and what all they go through daily! have a great Christmas ahead! <3
    I just challenged you to take the seven day black and white photo challenge. Look up in my latest post for the rules though!
    All the best.

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