Christmas Cookies

It's the week where I spend the most time in the kitchen. The week I look forward to every year. The week before Christmas: Cookie Baking week. My mom goes all out making Christmas cookies for my family... and Andrew. This year we made peanut butter, chocolate chip, pumpkin and sugar cookies. By we, I... Continue Reading →

Christmas Party #1

On Sunday, I had a Christmas party with 5 of my closest friends. (That's why I didn't post... oops.) So I'll sum up what happened that day that made me forget about this blog. Don't ask why this took until Tuesday at midnight to post because that I don't have an answer for that. First, I... Continue Reading →

12 Months Down

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Christmas Wish List

Hey everyone. Welcome back. Today I'll write about what's on my Christmas wishlist this year. The first thing I've been obsessed with lately are necklaces. Especially the cute little chokers.   How cute is that? I'm so in love. Next is of course, Bath & Body Works. You can never have enough of that. Since... Continue Reading →

Christmas Tag

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I'll be doing the Christmas Tag. I've seen this floating around for awhile now, so I might as well give it a go. What is your favorite Christmas tradition? - My family has a Christmas Eve party every year. My siblings, nephews and nieces, and some other relatives come over... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everybody! I got nominated for this award by Lily. Everybody go check out her blog Here. She's super talented! Big thank you to her for nominating me! Anyway, here are the rules for this award. Thank the person who nominated you. Also, link their blog so the world can read about the awesome person who... Continue Reading →

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