Life Update.


I haven’t blogged all week and this post is to tell you why. My life is a shit show.

I’ll start with this. I’m sick. I went from having tonsillitis to getting bronchitis. I can’t go more than two minutes without coughing up a lung. It’s gotten to be very annoying and I don’t know how much more of it I can deal with. I keep waking up in the middle of the night coughing and it’s NOT okay.

Next, my anxiety is supper high. I swear I’m going bald. My hair is falling out and it’s a mess. I have acne and I feel like a potato. I’m defiantly living my best life.

This week was also Thanksgiving so I was pretty busy eating and spending time with my family. The day before Thanksgiving was Andrew’s 19th birthday. (He’s old as hell).  

Now that I’ve taken a week to gather myself and gain 30 pounds of pure turkey and stuffing, I’m feeling much better. So now I’m back and better than ever… somewhat. But I’m managing.

There’s a little life update. I’ll be back on Monday 💙

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  1. Oh my goodness gurl I’m so sorry!! I hope you’re feeling better!!! Also, if you must insist you’re a potato, you’re the cutest and prettiest one I’ve ever seen love 😘

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