Fighting at an Arcade/Bowling Failure

My Saturday night… Normally I have pretty normal Saturday nights. Last night we hectic though. I’m still worn out haha.

Normally, a regular Saturday starts off with me waking up at the same time I do everyday. 9am. Then I spend 15 minutes deciding which kind of coffee I want to make with my Keurig (I’m obsessed and I have a problem). After I drink my coffee and tell my mom all about my Friday night I take a shower, get ready for my day and make Andrew lunch. At night we go bowling with our friend Nick. We’re getting pretty good guys. I can get over 100 points now.

Well, last Saturday night was a little different. A new arcade/pool/bowling place opened up at a mall close to us, so we decided to go check it out because apparently it’s the best arcade in central Illinois. I have no opinion on that. I don’t go to arcades, nor am I a gaming nerd.

Andrew, Nick, Sam and I were playing air hockey (cause we’re cool kids) and these two guys must have started fighting about something. Next thing I know there’s a hundred people running past me, joining the fight, and knocking people out. The cops came, everybody chilled out and everything returned back to normal like nothing ever happened. Damn kids.

We went back to what we were doing. I was destroying everybody at air hockey when all of our friends and family members were texting and calling us saying there was a shooting where we were. I didn’t hear a gun shot. If I heard a gun I would’ve been long gone. They were asking us where we were, if we were safe, the usual things people ask when things like this happens. We were all fine. Nothing extremely bad happened and thank the Lord for that. It really made me wonder “What would happen if there happened to be a shooting then. What would I do?” That thought was short lived because we left and went to a bowling alley miles away from that place.

It’s a tradition to play pool when we get to the bowling alley. For some odd reason we always end up getting there too early, I guess we get a little too excited. So we pass the time by playing pool. I’m not good at pool. I suck. Really bad. But I still beat Andrew once and Nick. (Nick hit the 8 ball in on accident so I won without really doing anything). 

When it comes to bowling, I’m decent. I’m definitely a bowler in training haha. I can’t lift anything above the 6 pound ball and I break a nail every time. Last night I wasn’t too bad though. I scored over 100 on 4 out of 5 games. I only fell down once.. maybe twice. We all had little slips though. Except Nick. He totally ate it and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.  (The first game was a practice round).


So that pretty much sums up my very crazy Saturday night. I really don’t get out much. I slept in until 10 today and went to Taco Bell for lunch. I’m really living the life.

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