The Kid Who Brought Me Coffee

The kid who brought me coffee, I’ve known you for years even though I don’t remember how we met. You kinda just showed up and nobody knows where you came from. You tried to explain it to me but I got distracted and quit listening.

Are we friends? Sometimes, when you aren’t being annoying. Up until yesterday you didn’t know how old I was… and honestly I don’t know how old you are. It happens. But it’s pretty fun raising hell all over town with you.


Do I hate you? 75% of the time. Especially when I have to get up and take you to school even though I graduated almost two years ago, and in return you only give me one donut. I expect more donuts next time dude. Not cool.

The reason I’m writing this is because I asked you to walk to the gas station to get me coffee because I’m lazy. You told me I had to write about you and how you’re my number one fan. (I don’t even think he reads half my blogs). I ended up getting my coffee and now you have this being written for you at 4:32 in the morning.

So here you go. I guess when it all comes down to it, you’re pretty cool to be around. Sometimes. Let’s face it, you can be annoying. Other times you can act like an actual human being. You’re the little brother I despise quite often but we do some pretty stupid things together. Like playing hide and seek and watching you hide in a dumpster. Clever.

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