What I Do When I Have Anxiety

Most of us have been at the point where we’re anxious about something. When I was a freshman my teacher told me that some anxiety is good for you. But this is ridiculous. I’ve had really bad anxiety ever since I was little. I never understood it until I was in high school though. I was always scared to talk to people… and when I say scared I mean terrified. That’s why I wouldn’t make any friends. My parents thought I was just shy and I’d grow out of it. That never happened.

I get anxiety over EVERYTHING. Storms, too many people, scheduling, waking up and sleeping, eating right, adulting, blogging, being judged, going out in public, talking to strangers, ordering food, doing something wrong, the list goes on and on. A lot of the time I have bad anxiety to where I can’t sleep at night. (This is one of those nights… it’s almost 2 in the morning). I’ve tried a lot of different things to try to get rid of my anxiety, or at least make it better. I think I made a post similar to this a long time ago, but this is an updated version I guess.

1. Turn off the damn phone. Especially if it’s a person I’m talking to that’s stressing me out. Sometimes I like to turn off my phone, go off the grid for awhile and spend some time alone to clear my head.

2. Listen to music. This is one of the biggest ways I calm myself down. I love to turn on Spotify, put some earbuds in, lay in bed and get lost in the bass line of a good song. I could do that for hours on end.

3. Adult coloring books. These work wonders. It makes me focus on something else other than all my problems. It might be a little childish but I don’t care. I do whatever makes me feel better.

4. Walking. Distracting yourself by exercising is a great way to get all that anxiety away from you. We want anxiety as far away from us as possible. So I walk away from all the problems and the anxiety it causes. Listen to music while walking makes it a lot better too. The more distractions, the easier life is.

5. Petting My Cat. At the end of a long day, I love climbing into bed with my little baby and snuggling until I fall asleep.

Those are the 5 main things I do whenever I’m having a day filled with anxiety.

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  1. I deal with anxiety every single day so I completely relate to your story and things that you do to help. I can say from experience I do every single thing you mentioned and ADULT COLORING BOOKS ARE AWESOME IDC 🌸🌟🌸 hugs xxx

    1. I’ve always wanted a cat ever since I was little, but my dad didn’t want one in the house. So 19 years later, I finally convinced him to let me have an outside cat (I live in a small town in the country, so it’s very common for cats to be outdoors). Well, my dad eventually fell in love and lets him come inside when he wants to. This morning he actually brought home his first mouse from the field. I was so proud haha

  2. Gonna try the adult colouring book this time for sure!!! I have a pretty bad case of anxiety too😅
    Thankyouu for the tips.❤
    Was going through something similar right now. (3 in the morning and no sign of sleep)🙊

    1. The coloring book is really fun! It makes you concentrate on something else for awhile instead of your anxiety and what’s bothering you. It really makes me feel much better after an hour. I have many sleepless nights too 💙

  3. Ahh I’ve just found your blog and I’m literally in love, this post was so helpful to read because I never though about colouring books and now I literally can’t wait to get my hands on one!!! Thank you for sharing!! xxxx

    1. Thank you so much! The good part is they make sooo many different kinds of coloring books for adults! I have a variety of them so I can pick and choose when I’m having a bad day. It always makes it better!

  4. Thank you so much, these tips are great! I also get anxiety about everything; music does help massively to calm me down. I listen to music quite a lot because I have to walk to school and back which takes 45 minutes, and I hate the busy streets, and music actually makes me calm! Both of my cats make me calmer, its scientifically proven that stroking your cats relaxes both you and the cat. AND ADULT COLOURING BOOKS ARE GREAT! Loved reading your post, thanks for sharing! xxx

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