Asking Friends to Describe Our Friendship

Where do I even start?

We’ve been friends for 6 years now. That’s 6 years we’ve managed not to kill each other. But that doesn’t mean we’ve had some near death experiences. There’s been a lot of those. Like the one time Carly was looking at her phone and was crossing the highway at the same time. She didn’t see a semi coming. At the last second I pulled her out of the road and saved her life. I’m awesome.

There’s been times she’s saved my life too. Like when I about backflipped off my trampoline and broke my neck. She grabbed me at the last second before I fell to my death. There’s also times we put both of our lives in danger. We’ve gotten pretty good at staying safe though.

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Some people say we have a pretty weird friendship. I’m going to ask some of our friends to describe our friendship in three words and see what they say. There goes what little self esteem I have left.

Andrew: Microwave, named, Eric. 

My mom: Caring, sharing, secrets. 

My dad: Not, too, bad. 

Carly’s boyfriend: Really, freakin, hilarious.

Sam: Timmy f*cking Jimmy. 

My brother: Let’s get spooky. 

Joey: I don’t know. 

Austen: Dumb and Dumber. 

John: Bat Sh*t Crazy. 

Samm: Crazy, fruity, coffee. 

Jordan: Caring, ridiculous, comical.

Friend: Crazy, wild, outgoing.

Alex: Really, f*cking, weird. 

Well, there you have it from our friends. They hate us sometimes. But they love us and they know it. 💙

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