Lil Miquela – Computer or Human?

I’ve been following this story for awhile now. It’s Lil Miquela. 

I found this story while watching YouTuber Shane Dawson. He’s kinda like my idol. I decided I needed to put my opinion out there. 

So, Lil Miquela. She’s just an average Instagramer. Taking super cute pictures and posting them, getting tons of likes and just being the average pretty girl. But… there’s something “off” about her. If you look closely at her pictures, she looks too perfect. Almost fake. Like a Sim.

It’s normal for people to edit their Instagram pictures to make themselves look more appealing. Not to please others, but to please themselves. You can see the backgrounds in her pictures look real, but her face and body looks fake. Almost like she’s been face tuning herself to look different than she really looks. She also makes music that sounds very auto tuned. I listened to some of it and it doesn’t sound too bad. It’s kinda catchy.

Now, there’s a lot of theories surrounding this “girl”, if people consider her a girl. Some say she’s a robot. I’ll tell you what some others think, then I’ll tell you what I think.

First theory: She’s doing this to get attention to promote her music. Being in the music industry is hard, and it’s hard to get started and make a name for yourself. Unless you’re born into the industry, it’s extremely hard to get to the top. So people think she’s created this fake person, or Sim, to get attention so people will see she makes music and listen to it. That’s a pretty good way to do it if you ask me.

Second theory: She is a walking advertisement for the Sims. This one seems a little far fetched until you actually think about it. She alters her face and body to look like a Sim. It’s also said she’s taken pictures with people who love to play the Sims. Seems weird but who knows?

Third theory: She is very insecure about her looks and hides her face behind all her editing. It’s said she wants to make music, but she’s scared of her appearance, which most people are these days. I definitely am, especially with how society judges everybody for not doing a certain thing. So she turns herself into a Sim-like person.

My theory: I have a mix of thoughts. I think she doesn’t like the way she looks, so she alters herself to look this way. She wants to make it in the music industry but needs something different to make her stand out. When she was in an interview with Shane, she only wanted to do a voice call, instead of a Skype call like he normally does with people. Also, in the interview, her voice sounded very auto tuned, like her music does.

Who is Lil Miquela? Will she ever show her real face? Is she going to make it in the music world?  She’s becoming very popular so maybe these questions will soon be answered.


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  1. Omg this is so funny because I just watched Shane’s video about her this morning!! I think it’s either theory #3 or what James Charles said in the video where he thought it was the male. But also I could believe the theory where it could be this girl who edits her pics for a project. I find it so interesting because she looks literally like a sims character !!!!!! So intriguing

  2. I think it’s a group of people, the girl is real just very edited to look fake. The girl is a part of the group, her friends edited her to look fake. One of them answered Shane Dawson’s call. I don’t know why they are doing this but they have to have some motive. I hope you can check out my blog! I have a conspiracy theory on one of my posts too.

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