7 Days of Black & White

Guess who's back... back again. Abby's back. Don't tell anybody because I'm a loser.... Just kidding! Anyways... I'm in a very good mood because I decorated my room for Christmas today (tour coming later). A few days ago a super talented blogger told me to do this black and white challenge. Here's her blog: Right Here!!! (Go... Continue Reading →

Life Update.

I haven't blogged all week and this post is to tell you why. My life is a shit show. I'll start with this. I'm sick. I went from having tonsillitis to getting bronchitis. I can't go more than two minutes without coughing up a lung. It's gotten to be very annoying and I don't know... Continue Reading →

What the …. Was That?

With the famous words of my sister, "What was that? Don't do that again, that was stupid."   I can't dance. When I try to dance, I look like I'm painfully breaking every bone in my body. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. Ask any of my friends. I'm a generally awkward person. I... Continue Reading →

Where Did Thanksgiving Go??

Halloween has come and gone like every other year. Children have gotten their candy, all the "trick or treats" have been said, all the ghosts and goblins have gone away for the year. What does everybody start thinking about now? The next big holiday: Christmas.  Christmas trees come out in stores. Wrapping paper, ornaments, garland,... Continue Reading →

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