Why Are You Allowed to Talk? Ep. 1

*This is going to be a series of conversations my friends and I have that make me laugh.*

Carly: This is Post Palone!

Me: Post mates?

Carly: Post Palone.

Me: Most Palone.


Me: I’m really getting into EDM lately.

Andrew: I don’t think I know who she is…

Me: Not she. Electronic Dance Music.


Nick: Well… theres a chance the baby could be either a boy or a girl.

Andrew: Oh really now? What else could it be?


Andrew: Knock knock.

Carly: Who’s there?

Andrew: Lettuce.

Carly: No.

Andrew: Oh come on!

Carly: F**king lettuce! I mean lettuce who…


Carly: *On the phone with her boyfriend* How’s the baby?

Andrew: Delicious.


Friend: *Prank calling a store* Hey, I just bought a Range Rover are you impressed?

Store lady: Ummm not really.


*Andrew, Carly and I driving around.*

Andrew: I’m Doug Dimadome owner of the Dimsdale Dimadome.


Thanks for reading this nonsense. I hope you found it as funny as I did 💙

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