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On Tuesday, I got my second VoxBox, the Lucky VoxBox in the mail. If you guys don’t know what Influenster is, it’s an app where you can write reviews for items you use every day and in return, you get a FREE VoxBox filled with sample products for you to try out and share on your social media.

This was the second Box I’ve gotten. (I didn’t blog the first one because I was still figuring everything out). This box was called the Lucky VoxBox and this is what was in it.

Lucky VoxBox

The first thing I opened (if you can guess), was the Sour Sweetarts. Carly and I had those devoured in a matter of minutes. They were pretty darn good. But all candy is good candy so I’m not complaining.

The second thing I opened was the Alba Botanica acne face and body scrub. I used it the night I got it and it worked really well. I used to have really bad acne until I started going to the dermatologist a few years ago. Since then everything has been pretty good. This product did the same thing my dermatologist approved face washes do. It left my face feeling not only clean but moisturized. Plus it smells really good too!

The next thing I opened was the U by Kotex Fitness tampons and pads. I’ve never used this brand before. I always use the Playtex Sport and I will still continue to use them, but this brand has good products and gets the job done, so I would still recommend it to all you girls out there.

In the last VoxBox I received I got the Eva Nye hair primer. I’m super excited to get it once again because I really liked using it. I went through all of it and I even thought about going out and getting the full sized bottle of it. I never got around to it though so I’m glad I got another bottle of it! You can put it in your hair wet or dry and it makes your hair so soft and smooth. It doesn’t leave it feeling greasy or looking shiny either. I would highly recommend.

I got another thing by Eva Nye as well and it’s a hair towelette. On the package it says you rub it through your hair and it will smooth out frizz and tame all those baby hairs that never seem to stay in place. I’m very excited to use this because I can have very frizzy hair at times.

Well, this is everything I got in this VoxBox! If you want to be an Influenster and review things go download the app and make an account! It’s super easy to do and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been learning about so many products. I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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  1. I’m on Influenster, but I haven’t gotten one of these boxes yet. Of course I haven’t really had the time to be too active. Your box is great though! I love SweetTarts! It’s one of my favorite candy. U by Kotex is the only tampon brand I will use. I generally use cheaper brand pads, but for I’m more particular about tampons and I do not like any as much as I like U by Kotex. They are really great.

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