Hurricane Funds: Harvey & Irma

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today instead of writing something funny, sarcastic  and slightly offensive like I normally do, I want to talk about something a little more serious. As you can tell by the title, I want to talk about the two hurricanes that hit Florida and Texas. If you don’t live in the United States and don’t know what’s going on I’ll give you a run down. Basically, there were two hurricanes, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Harvey (Category 4) hit Texas and Irma (Category 5) hit Florida. They both costed millions of dollars in damage and several people were injured or found dead.

Down below I’m going to have some relief funds you can donate to. Any amount of money can help, even if it’s just a dollar. I made sure these weren’t spam sites that will just take your money.

Hurricane Harvey:

Hurricane Harvey Children’s Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund-Global Giving

Thank you for helping families impacted by Hurricane Harvey-Red Cross

Hurricane Irma: 

St. John Victims of Hurricane IRMA

Disaster Relief: Help protect children from harm

Help People Affected by Hurricane Irma. Donate Now-Red Cross

Just remember every penny helps somebody in need! We, as in not just a country, but a world, need to come together. I find it sad that it takes a massive natural disaster to bring people together. We should all be united no matter what. Spread positivity. Be respectful of others. Make people smile. Do kind things for strangers. Don’t judge those you don’t know. Instead of hating and fighting we should spread love. Enough of my emotional ranting. I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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  1. Good thoughts sissy. There’s so many people here that lost everything they had. It was def a scary expierence and florida will sbe rebuilding for a long time.

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