Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted much this week. I’ve been feeling pretty down for no reason. (Thanks anxiety, you’re such a blessing). Along with feeling down, I’ve lost a lot of motivation. I just sat around almost all week and did nothing except watch tv and eat. Today I feel a little more motivated (that why I’m writing now). To get me in a super duper good mood, I’m going to write a list of things that make me happy.

  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I’m going to go get one tonight)
  • Smokey, my kitty cat
  • Eating dinner every night with Andrew (Boyfriend and food: 2 greatest things in life) 
  • Watching Shane Dawson on YouTube
  • Decorating my room for fall (It’s very stress relieving) 
  • Basically anything to do with fall
  • Movie theater popcorn
  • Afternoon naps (Everybody should take naps) 
  • Getting breakfast in bed from my dad (He’s the best cook I know) 
  • Watching strangers to kind things for others
  • Target (What girl doesn’t love Target) PSA: They have Halloween socks for $1! 
  • Dance Moms, Ghost Adventures, SpongeBob
  • Baking (I have a massive sweet tooth) 
  • City lights at night
  • Being able to see all the stars at night because I live in a small town
  • Writing (Duh) 

I could go on and on now but I’m not going to bore you anymore than I have to haha. I’m defiantly in a better mood now seeing some things that make me happy. I challenge everybody who reads this to comment one or two things that make you happy! I hope you all liked reading!💙

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  1. Things that make me happy:
    The smell of rain on dry cement.
    Brand new slippers (sooooo soft am I right?!?)
    and a full youtube subscription box to fill my time with endless video watching

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