What I Did on Labor Day

Hey everybody! I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday. It was Labor Day here in the U.S. I know some of my overseas followers and friends have no idea what that is. Well, it’s basically a holiday to honor the American labor movement and all the workers who do their jobs everyday. There’s no school, a lot of people don’t have to work, and it’s pretty much the unofficial end to summer. People say the last day of swimming is on Labor Day, so a lot of people go swimming and have cookouts on this day.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. (I was so busy I wasn’t able to post I’m sorry!). I woke up early to be in a parade with my dad. He’s in a union so he didn’t have to work. He works for an operating engineers union and it’s one of the biggest unions around where we live. The union was in a couple different parades but we went to the closest one. It started at 10 in the morning, but we had to be there at 9 for line up. It was really fun to walk in it. (Andrew and I got to throw candy out to kids…. but we ate a lot of it too). 



I got a pretty cool union shirt too haha.

Union shirt

It’s the 100th anniversary of the union’s birth! I had no idea until I looked at this picture after Andrew took it. Even though there were a hundred people there with the exact same shirt on. I’m just clueless.

While we were waiting for the parade to start I saw a huge dog that is bigger than me but he was sooo cute and snuggly.

Dog from parade

After the parade my dad, Andrew and I went to the union hall to eat some extremely yummy food. My dad said it gets better and better every year. Andrew said the food was absolutely amazing. I thought it was pretty good as well. Along with food, there was a rock climbing wall, a bunch of jumpy houses, games for kids and a few of the machines were on display for people to look at, get in and check out all the nifty buttons.

Well, that’s everything I did yesterday. I took a very well deserved nap after that. I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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  1. I didn’t do much on Labor Day this year. I stayed in my room all day, and then my mom grilled up some buffalo wings, which were yummy. That’s about it.

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