Update: August Goals

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Hey guys! Once again it’s time to see how bad I suck at this whole life game. If you’re new to my blog, at the beginning of every month I make some goals I want to accomplish throughout the month. Most of the time I don’t accomplish them because I suck… But I’m getting better! Let’s get into my goals.

  • Take good care of my hair.
  • Keep eating healthy.
  • Try a little harder to exercise.
  • Start working on gymnastics again.
  • Live the last month of summer to the fullest before fall starts.

Pretty good goals right? Well there’s a problem… I’m really lazy haha.

  1. Take good care of my hair: I took pretty good care of my hair. A day after  I wrote these goals I bleached my hair… oops. I couldn’t resist. But hey, it’s still really healthy. It’s grown out too. In 5 weeks my hair has grown almost an inch. It used to grow an inch every 3 months. 9/10
  2. Keep eating healthy: Well… the thing is… there was a carnival this month. Plus a lot of eating out. I just really love chicken strips. I did eat healthy about half the time. 5/10 
  3. Try a little harder to exercise: I actually tried. I somewhat succeeded. I walked at least half a mile everyday and did some sort of activity. Like running from all my problems. 7/10 
  4. Start working on gymnastics again: I used to do gymnastics all the time but a year or two ago I stopped because I hurt my hip. Lately I’ve been getting back into it though and I really missed it. 8/10
  5. Live the last month of summer to the fullest before fall starts: I can happily say that’s exactly what I did. I can’t wait for autumn to start though. I want pumpkin flavored everything. I’m one of those girls. 10/10

There you go! Those were my goals for August. The total came out to be 39/50. That’s pretty good for me being super lazy haha. What are some of the goals you set for this month? Let me know in the comments! Hope you all liked reading! 💙

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    1. I go out out to my trampoline a few times a week and do some flips. Nothing big. I start out with stretches because I’m pretty flexible then I do some cartwheels and flips until I get tired, which is pretty fast lol. But it’s a good way to exercise and get the blood flowing

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