August Flashback

This month completely flew by. It was the last month before school started for most people. The last full month before the leaves start changing colors and falling to the ground. Autumn will be starting soon and as I hate to see summer go, I’m excited for pumpkins, pretty leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and fall clothes. Also, the bugs go back to wherever the hell they came from. Hallelujah!

I’m going to go back and see what I did for the last full month of summer. Let’s get into it!

August 1st: First time going to Elevate, a trampoline park. 



August 2nd: Spent the day with Samm, John and one of my other friends. Samm and I caused John so much suffering from messing with his stuff he said he did’t want to be around us anymore.


August 5th: Brimfield’s Annual Car Show 

There were some pretty cool cars there. The food was the best part though 😂

August 10th: Old Settlers 


August 19th: I got my first kitten, Smokey J. 


P.S., I made my cat a Snapchat! It’s Smokey_J19 go add him!

August 21st: Eclipse 


August 28th: Timmy and Jimmy’s first sleepover! 


There you go! That’s a few of the big things I did in the last full month of summer. I had a really fun month filled with being around my friends and family who love and care about me. They all mean the world to me. I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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