Timmy & Jimmy’s First Sleepover!

That’s right! We’ve been friends for 6 years and we’ve never had a sleepover before! The two girls who have gone through everything together. Breakups, all nighters and tape worms yet we’ve never had a sleep over. I’ll tell you why. Our parents can’t deal with us at the same time. They’ve tried, but they just can’t. Apparently we “Stress them out and annoy them because we’re always too loud”. They just don’t understand how cool we are.


We’ve tried to have sleepovers before, when we were still in high school. One time we almost got to, but Jimmy got the stomach flu. One time we just stayed up all night on the phone and then Jimmy came over in the morning and we slept all afternoon. We pretended it was a sleepover haha.

So we finally had one! First we made spaghetti, which was pretty good. Then we wanted to make dessert. We didn’t have any cookie or brownie mix at my house, so we made Andrew go get some because he’s awesome. We ended up making some pretty bomb chocolate chip cookies. Timmy and Jimmy are bad at the baking game so it took awhile to figure it out. (Really… we can’t bake so we were really proud of ourselves). One time we tried to make sugar cookies, but it ended up becoming one big clump of cookie because we didn’t let them cool before putting them in some Tupperware. Another time we tried to make a chocolate cake… one of our friends came over and ended up cutting it like a pizza. Don’t even get me started on our cooking game…


While the cookies were baking we did some headstands…

We spent the next 3 hours on Snapchat, sending funny pictures to all of our friends. I’m surprised nobody blocked us 😂. It ended up with us laying on the floor not breathing because we were laughing so hard. By that time is was 1 in the morning and we had no intentions of going to sleep any time soon. So what do we do? Laugh at all of our stupid inside jokes and make fun of our friend. That’s right. We only have one friend.

Our Snapchat game is pretty strong if you ask me.

Lucas plays the flute, George Lopez or George Lopez, chili Mac, conundrums and the drone. We said so many stupid things that didn’t even make sense and still don’t. I swear we were so sleep deprived people would’ve thought we had been high off something if we would’ve went out in public. Thank god we didn’t haha.

In the end we fell asleep at about 4 and woke up at 8:30. Naps were included the next day. It was really fun to finally have my best friend stay the night. We didn’t die which makes everything even better! It only took 6 years but we did it! Hopefully there’s another one soon. I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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