Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them more. 

I can rarely ever hold a grudge, and in the end I get hurt for that. I forgive the people who shouldn’t be forgiven. I continue to love them while they continue to hurt me. Then I forgive them again. It’s an endless circle.

I’ve always gone by the motto “Forgive and Forget”. That’s what I thought would be best. When my friends do something that hurts me, I forgive them and forget it ever happened. We move on with our lives. But how many times can you forgive and forget before you can’t forget all the things that have been done and it starts happening more and more often.

I’m such a forgiving person. I will give somebody a hundred billion chances before I finally learn my lesson. Each time it happens I know I should kick the people out of my life and be done. But how can you kick somebody out when they’ve been such a huge part of your life for 2 years? At the same time though, how can somebody be such a big part of your life when it’s like this all the time? The answer is, I have no idea.

Normally, when I get mad at somebody, I’ll be mad for a week or two. Then be over it. I’ll be the one to apologize when I’m the one who has done nothing wrong. It’s made me vulnerable and weak. I’ve decided I’m going to take a stand for myself. I’m going to break out of this circle and do something about it.

Honestly I just had to rant about this. It’s a quality about myself that I DO NOT like. Do any of you do this? I know there’s nothing wrong with being forgiving, but you should know when enough is enough. Then you should know when it’s time to take a stand for yourself. Hope you all liked reading! 💙

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  1. I’m the same. Although I guess I see my capability for forgiveness as one of my better qualities. But I’ve never been in the situation where someone has mis-used that, so I’m not sure how I would feel about it then. Stay strong! I’m always here if you need me <3

  2. I am not religious but quote “forgive my enemies — for they know not what they do” could be my motto along with “Nothing personal, it’s just business”. But there are exceptions … if it’s personal and intentional, then I am not willing to play nice.

  3. I also all too easily trust someone when they’ve hurt me already. Its a struggle for me to keep my guard up a lot. I don’t have a problem ever forgiving someone, I think we all should choose to forgive even those who hurt us, but forgiving shouldn’t always mean forgetting and trusting again. That’s my problem too. :/

    1. Somebody could do something so bad to me and I would forgive them and go back to trusting them after like a month. It’s a big problem. But I hope both of us figure out a solution to this problem 💙

  4. I admire your ability to let grudges go, it’s something so many people just can never do. I think it’s good to forgive, but not necessarily forget. Forgiving somebody frees you and also gives them another chance, but it’s probably also smart to still remember what they’ve done so that memory can help you be more cautious in the future regarding whether to trust them.

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