Old Settlers

The second week of August comes around and everybody from Brimfield knows what that means… There’s going to be more than 30 people in Brimfield at once! A lot of you are from the city so you’re probably all thinking “You must live in the middle of nowhere”. Well that’s right! I live in the middle of nowhere. The town I live in has about 1,000 or less people living here. Small right?

Well, back to the topic of Old Settlers. That’s what the name of the carnival that comes to town once a year is called. There’s rides, food, and entertainment. They block off the highway that goes through town so you have to take a detour. Not a big deal this town is small. The carnival lasts from Thursday to Saturday, with a race and a parade Saturday.

Thursday it rained. Bummer. It stopped after about an hour though and all carried on as normal. It was the first day, so not many people were up there. I did get to see my favorite (girl) cousin, Devynn. She moved out of Illinois about a year or so ago and I don’t get to see her much. I’m so glad I got to see her Thursday.

This is the only normal picture we have together.

Friday there was definitely more people. I spent the night with Andrew, Carly, her boyfriend Taylor, and their baby Pheonyx. It was also Carly and I’s 6 year friend-aversary. So we had to spend it right by going on rides that made us feel like we were going to die. Like the swings.

5 idiots on swings

We told our boyfriends to pay attention for the picture. Andrew proceeded to turn around and yell at some kid, and Taylor decided to start flapping his arms like a bird….

The ride was fun… but we all felt extremely dizzy after..

On the plus side, I got a stuffed penguin!

Saturday, there was a 5K race at 8 in the morning. I don’t run in it, but some of my family members do, so my dad and I always go up there to see them. Everybody in my family can run except me… I’m the one who chose to do gymnastics instead. While everybody was running miles and miles, I was flipping on a trampoline.

Later that day there was a parade. I got some candy, ate the candy, got sick from eating the candy… you know how it goes. To make it all worse, I went on a ride that is high up in the air (I hate heights), goes in circles (I don’t like being dizzy), and went backwards (hell. no.). But on the bright side, I got a really cool picture.


The rest of the night was spent with Andrew, Carly, Taylor and Pheonyx again. We saw some old friends, new friends and family. It was a good night. By 11 I was passed out in Andrew’s truck. I slept through all of our friends talking/yelling and hanging out. Andrew woke me up at midnight to tell me it was time to go home. It was a very good weekend.

I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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  1. Omg you look so pretty!
    Also, your town looks like so much fun. I’ve always wanted to stay somewhere secluded.
    Anyway. Great post, as always! 💙💙

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