July Flashback

July has come and gone. Another 31 days have flown by. So I want to reminisce on all the exciting things that happened to me in July. All the countless memories with my friends that we’ll talk about until we get so old we forget everything.

July 1st. That was the day Andrew and I went to the infamous Springdale Cemetery to see if we could find the Witches Circle, where it is said to have demon worshiping ceremonies in the circle.

July 4th. Otherwise known as Independence Day in America. Fireworks, fireworks and more fireworks!

July 6th. Carly and I had our first “Timmy and Jimmy Day” in quite awhile.

July 8th. I got to see one of my “Little brother” for the first time in almost 2 years.


July 20th. My cousin Samm and I had a lake day. This was the day I ended up getting sunburnt haha.


July 22nd. The Heart Of Illinois Fair was going on, so Andrew and I met up with our friends and went to the Demolition Derby. I ended up getting covered from head to toe with mud and there was a fight, but that just made it even funner.


July 29th. To top the month off, Andrew, John, Samm and I went to Elevate, a trampoline park. (I’ll be posting a whole other blog on that later this week!) 


Well, that was everything exciting I did this month! What are some fun things you did in July? Hope you all liked reading! 💙

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