July Goals Update!

Hey everybody! July is coming to an end and that means we get to see how well I did keeping up with the goals I made at the beginning of the month… oh boy. This month flew right by. It feels like just yesterday it was the 4th of July. Time needs to slow down! Well, let’s get on to seeing how bad I did 😅.

My Goals: 

  • Not get sunburnt (Again from last month)
  • Be less anxious (No more anxiety!)
  • Start planning ahead (Blogging wise)
  • Exercise everyday
  • Eat healthy
  • Connect with my readers more (Social Media)


How I Did 

Not get sunburnt – I went to the lake and my face and only one shoulder got burnt. It wasn’t a bad burn though so I’m happy about that! It had turned into a tan by the next morning. 7/10

Be less anxious – I didn’t talk to a lot of people so I wasn’t very anxious this month. I did pretty good. 8/10 

Start planning ahead – In the beginning of the month I was barely ever home and wasn’t able to sit down and plan much… but towards the end of the month I dove right into things and started getting everything figured out! 6/10 

Exercise everyday – Well that didn’t happen! oops… but I did go swimming like twice a week, if not more. Does that count? I walked a lot too. 6/10

Eat Healthy – Now that is something I managed to do! I didn’t eat any family sized bags of Doritos in one sitting! Yay!! I’ve also started eating bananas or strawberries every morning for breakfast. (If I get up for breakfast) I’ve been sleeping in a lot lately. 8/10

Connect with my readers more – I’ve had a few people who read my blogs message me on Instagram and we’ve become good friends now! I’m so happy about that!! I love meeting new bloggers. If you’re a new blogger follow all my social media down below! 10/10 

45/60. I think I did a little better from last month. I’m excited to make more goals for August and try my best to achieve them. I’m not going to be lazy anymore! I hope you all liked reading! 💙

Social Media:

Instagram: Abby_Marie.12

Snapchat: Abbs717

Twitter: Abby_Marie2194

Pinterest: AbbyCarroll360



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  1. You did good!! Lol at what you said about exercising. There’s always August right 😅 But hey at least you’re eating well! I don’t eat fruit nearly as much.

    1. Thank you! Exercising is NOT my specialty lol everybody knows that. The only reason I’ve been eating fruit is because my dad is getting into a health kick and there’s literally only fruit here

  2. Honestly it looks like you’ve done much better than me for goals this month lol. I’m determined to do more in august though. (:

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