A Note to my “Not-So-Little-Brother”


Let’s throwback to almost 5 years ago. You were riding your bike around the grade school. I was walking around town with Carly. We saw you with one of our friends so we walked over there. I yelled a word I probably shouldn’t have, and you went flying off your bike. After that, we became family.

We told each other everything. We hung out almost everyday. We did pretty much everything together. You’re my little brother. And because you’re my little brother, we’ve had our share of fights, all of which were your fault because I’m always right. But what can I say?

We’ve had a lot of good times in the years we’ve been ‘siblings’. Like the time we drove the go cart into the fence at the grade school… they fixed the fence by the way. (Andrew didn’t believe we actually did that so I tried to show him the fence to prove it but they fixed it lol). I even remember when you were at your house and I was at mine, we both wanted to watch Ghost Adventures together so we FaceTimed each other. Best decision of our lives. All those times cruising around with Carly and Kodee, causing a big ruckus around town. Man, we raised hell in this town.

I still have so many throwback pictures on my phone from years ago… I swear, something about us pops up on my Timehop everyday. Like… the time we went swimming in the lake with Carly and a bunch of our friends. Carly and I got tapeworms from that. You’ve been there for me through all of my boy drama…. There was a lot of it. Thanks for that.

Then… you moved away. I don’t know if I was more mad or upset. I felt like I was losing my brother and I would never see you again. You moved about 30-40 minutes away. It was devastating for both of us. We ended up not talking for awhile, but lately we’ve been getting close again. You told me about all your relationship drama, school drama, friend drama, all of it. Andrew and I came to surprise you about a week ago. You’ve grown up! Don’t grow up! It’s not allowed, sorry. 

You’re about to get your license in a month or two… So you WILL be coming to see me soon. I don’t care if you have to steal a car. Actually… don’t steal a car cause then I’ll get in trouble for telling you to do that. This isn’t Grand Theft Auto here.

It’s been 5 years since we’ve been friends and it feels like it’s been forever. You need to stop growing up and stay the immature little kid I used to know. You’re too young to have a girlfriend too, so don’t get one of those. I even used to be taller than you. Now you’re a foot taller than me. But no matter how far apart we are I’ll always be here for you whenever you need me. I’m just a Snapchat away.

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