A Day in the Life of Abby and Carly

Some know us as Abby and Carly. Others know us as our alter egos, Timmy and Jimmy. Yes, we are twins. Now we don’t look alike at all, but that’s not the point. We’re twins because we’ve been best friends for almost 6 years. We used to be around each other every single day and we know everything about one another. We have that ‘twin’ connection that nobody can replace.

She moved out of Brimfield awhile ago, but that doesn’t stop us from seeing each other. On this particular day, we decided to take a day to get away from everybody since we both hate people. It stresses us out man. So we left Carly’s baby with her father and went out for an adventure.


The first stop on our day of fun was Gordman’s. We went in there to look around at everything. We made our way to the furniture section and found some chairs we wanted and well… this is how it went….


We also found those really cool pillows that have the different colored sequins on them and we wrote our names so people knew we were there.

Tim & Jim

After messing around for awhile longer and smelling some nasty perfume, we went over to Starbucks where things got pretty heated. We got our coffee and sat down. There were two college girls diagonal from us doing homework. An older guy was across from us on his computer. There were a few other people in there as well. Everything was going really well… until Carly started to get loud. She saw something on the internet and started to get loud saying “IS THAT MY OLD APARTMENT?!?!” People started staring so I started smacking her on the forehead. “CARLY!!” I started to whisper yell her name. She got really upset about it. Then all this happened…


Theres a reason why we don’t go out in public too much… While we were there I put a massive amount of sugar in my coffee so this next part of the day gets a little crazy since I was on a sugar high.

We decide to go to Target next because Target is the place where all girls go to get things they don’t need. On our way there Despacito comes on the radio which we jam out to. (It came on the radio about 6 times while we were driving and I wasn’t complaining). 

At Target we were pretty much just walking around looking at absolutely everything. We also found something… more chairs!


PetSmart is right next to Target, so we walking over to look at the fish. We’re both getting fish soon so we wanted to find the pretty ones. I wanted to find the fattest, ugliest fish they had and name it Caleb, but all the fish were so cute I just couldn’t find an ugly one. We walked to the other side of the store and found cats for adoption. They were all so cute I started crying. Carly got excited when she saw all the dogs getting groomed. After that we decided we were getting way too emotional and needed to go back to Brimfield. That’s pretty much what happened that day. Except for one thing…




That actually happened as we were walking back to the car. 

I hope you guys liked reading about Timmy and Jimmy’s adventures! Carly and I will be doing a Q&A in a week or two so comment a question/questions you want us to answer! You can also tweet me, DM me on Instagram, or Snapchat me! Like and comment if you want me to write about more crazy things we do! Also, follow me on snapchat to see all the other dumb things we do! Abbs717 


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