Update on “Gary”

This is over a span of a few weeks. 

Tuesday, June 27: I was sitting at my house and saw a Snapchat from one of my friends. It was a screenshot of a person looking for a lost cat. The cat looked a lot like “Gary” (I still don’t know if he has an actual name yet, so we’ll call him Gary for now). He asked if I saw the comment to get ahold of him on Facebook. Social media is great guys. I looked the owner up and told him the story about how we found Gary and saw the scrape on his neck. He told me that Gary has always been homeless, he just showed up and they started to leave food out for him. They noticed the food was being eaten but they didn’t know if Gary was eating it. He was. So they made a little house for him and started to feed him everyday. (Bless these great people, they truly are great people). They were going to take him to the vet because he has had his wound for awhile, but Gary is very skittish. He doesn’t like people getting close to him. I still don’t know how he decided to get close to me. The owners went and picked him up from PAWS that afternoon. They brought him home and took him inside. He said Gary’s would was scabbed over but it’s become raw and tender. They gave him some soft food and water. They are going to take him to the vet on Thursday, the soonest they could get him in there. I’m anxious to see how he is doing.

Thursday, June 29: Today Gary went to the vet to get looked at. I kept thinking about him all day. My anxiety defiantly got the best of me. Thoughts kept going through my mind thinking they might have to put him down. I was hoping for the best news.

Friday, June 30: The owner updated me today saying he has been eating a lots of food and he is on antibiotic twice a day, and he got treated for parasites and fleas. They think Gary can pull out of this and hopes he will make a speedy recovery, then see if we can find a good home for him.

Saturday, July 8: Gary is doing good! The amazing people who are nursing him back to health or going to find a great home for little Gary. I’m super glad he’s getting better. Who knows what would’ve happened to Gary if we just left him there with that booboo.

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