Update: June Goals


As many of you know, I set some goals for myself at the beginning of June and well… I suck haha. Let’s face it. Doritos are my best friend, wifi is my soulmate and tv is my drug. Perfect life! I did manage to not gain any weight. Go metabolism! Thank you for not making me fat even though I should be morbidly obese with the way I eat. Anyway, yes I did set some goals for myself to try to be just a little more healthy, physically and mentally. Let’s see if it worked!

My Goals

  • Take a walk everyday
  • Not eat as much junk food
  • Be more social 
  • Not get sunburnt
  • Get my hair to grow more
  • Blog more 


How I Did

  • Take a walk everyday: I’m proud to say that I took some sort of a walk almost everyday. I also did other walking… like walking across the parking lot to Dairy Queen to get ice cream… oops! Not healthy Abby… 7/10
  • Not eat as much junk food: I did not and I repeat DID NOT eat a family sized bag of Doritos in one sitting this month! I did eat a family sized bag of Doritos in a week though. But hey! I’m getting better at it! I also started eating something healthy everyday instead of grabbing unnecessary junk food. Go me! 8/10
  • Be more social: This month I was defiantly more social, even though it hurt me. I communicated more with my blog friends over social media as well as being more social with my friends in person. Now that killed me. I love getting to know everybody who reads my blogs. It makes writing so much more fun. 7/10
  • Not get sunburnt: Guess who didn’t get sunburnt! This girl!! I’m so proud of myself. Actually I have a little story for this. One day Andrew and I were going fishing and my dad told me like 1 billion times to put on sunscreen because I would easily burn in this heat. I used plenty of sunscreen and didn’t get burnt. When I got home my parents were waddling around the house because they didn’t use sunscreen. They looked like lobsters and honestly it was really funny since they kept telling me to use sunscreen but then they didn’t feel the need to. Let’s just say we stocked up on aloe after that. 10/10
  • Get my hair to grow more: I bleached it. End of story. 3/10
  • Blog more: I stuck to my blogging schedule really well. Right now my schedule is post on Monday and Thursday but I ended up throwing in a few extra blogs here and there because all of you say how much you like reading about my life haha 10/10

Total: 47/60 

That’s not too bad. I defiantly could’ve made some better choices (not bleaching my hair and killing every little strand on my head). It’s growing back though! Next month I’ll make new goals and try to stick to them better! Hope you liked reading! 💙

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