July Goals Update!

Hey everybody! July is coming to an end and that means we get to see how well I did keeping up with the goals I made at the beginning of the month... oh boy. This month flew right by. It feels like just yesterday it was the 4th of July. Time needs to slow down! Well, let's... Continue Reading →

Favorite Songs Pt. 2

I've already posted one of these last month, but I'm always discovering new music and artists are releasing new music all the time. Since last month my list of favorite songs has completely changed so I thought I would tell all of you my new list of favorite songs that I listen to on repeat... Continue Reading →


PopSockets are becoming pretty popular. Even one of my friends who doesn't know anything about anything knew what it was. So finally I decided I wanted a few of them and jumped on the bandwagon. I don't regret my decision. I used to drop my phone on my face sooo many times but now I... Continue Reading →

My Insecurities.

"Don't pay attention to what others think of you." "Their opinions don't matter." "They're only making fun of you because they feel bad about themselves."  All the sentences people have said to me when I get made fun of, especially when they call out my insecurities. Living in todays world, society judges.... Hardcore. Maybe not... Continue Reading →

Update on “Gary”

This is over a span of a few weeks.  Tuesday, June 27: I was sitting at my house and saw a Snapchat from one of my friends. It was a screenshot of a person looking for a lost cat. The cat looked a lot like "Gary" (I still don't know if he has an actual name... Continue Reading →

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