July Goals Update!

Hey everybody! July is coming to an end and that means we get to see how well I did keeping up with the goals I made at the beginning of the month… oh boy. This month flew right by. It feels like just yesterday it was the 4th of July. Time needs to slow down! Well, let’s get on to seeing how bad I did 😅.

My Goals: 

  • Not get sunburnt (Again from last month)
  • Be less anxious (No more anxiety!)
  • Start planning ahead (Blogging wise)
  • Exercise everyday
  • Eat healthy
  • Connect with my readers more (Social Media)


How I Did 

Not get sunburnt – I went to the lake and my face and only one shoulder got burnt. It wasn’t a bad burn though so I’m happy about that! It had turned into a tan by the next morning. 7/10

Be less anxious – I didn’t talk to a lot of people so I wasn’t very anxious this month. I did pretty good. 8/10 

Start planning ahead – In the beginning of the month I was barely ever home and wasn’t able to sit down and plan much… but towards the end of the month I dove right into things and started getting everything figured out! 6/10 

Exercise everyday – Well that didn’t happen! oops… but I did go swimming like twice a week, if not more. Does that count? I walked a lot too. 6/10

Eat Healthy – Now that is something I managed to do! I didn’t eat any family sized bags of Doritos in one sitting! Yay!! I’ve also started eating bananas or strawberries every morning for breakfast. (If I get up for breakfast) I’ve been sleeping in a lot lately. 8/10

Connect with my readers more – I’ve had a few people who read my blogs message me on Instagram and we’ve become good friends now! I’m so happy about that!! I love meeting new bloggers. If you’re a new blogger follow all my social media down below! 10/10 

45/60. I think I did a little better from last month. I’m excited to make more goals for August and try my best to achieve them. I’m not going to be lazy anymore! I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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Favorite Songs Pt. 2

I’ve already posted one of these last month, but I’m always discovering new music and artists are releasing new music all the time. Since last month my list of favorite songs has completely changed so I thought I would tell all of you my new list of favorite songs that I listen to on repeat all day long.


  1. Allen Walker: Faded (Oasis Trap Remix)  – I was watching America’s Got Talent on Youtube and I saw a guy dancing to this song. I love trap music so I had to look this song up. Now I listen to this song about 1,000 times a day.
  2. Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee Ft. Justin Bieber:- Despacito – I hear this song sooo many times a day. I don’t know what the hell they’re saying but it’s pretty catchy. Andrew hates this song with all his heart so when it comes on the radio he changes the station. I heard on the radio that they banned this song in Malaysia because they speak Spanish there and it’s too dirty for kids to listen to. Does anybody know anything about this?! Let me know in the comments.
  3. Kane Brown: What Ifs – One of my friends showed me this song one night awhile ago and now it’s one of my favorite songs.
  4. Logic Ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid: 1-800-273-8255 – This song really speaks to me because I’ve been down this road before. I think it has a really good message and it’s a really good song.
  5. Yellow Claw Ft. Ayden: Till It Hurts – I love trap music. If you do to, definitely check out Yellow Claw. They have some of the best trap music I’ve ever heard.
  6. All Time Low: Dirty Laundry – I still love All Time Low with all my heart so I had to throw one of their songs in here.

Those are the songs I’ve been in love with for the past few weeks. Have you guys heard of any of these songs? Let me know in the comments! Hope you liked reading! 💙

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PopSockets are becoming pretty popular. Even one of my friends who doesn’t know anything about anything knew what it was. So finally I decided I wanted a few of them and jumped on the bandwagon. I don’t regret my decision. I used to drop my phone on my face sooo many times but now I don’t anymore and I’m so happy about it!

I ended up getting two PopSockets because I just couldn’t decide which one I wanted. The first one I got was in the PopSocket Wireless Brand, the design was Trees. I have this one on my phone case right now. The second one I got was the same brand, but the design is Blue Nebula.

Overall I really like them both. They were both only $9.99 each which was reasonably priced for how well they work. It sticks very well to my phone. I’m not scared about it falling off and causing my phone to crack. I’ve had it on for over a week now and it hasn’t came off or moved except for the one time I purposely moved it to reposition it. It is moveable and sticks back on easily. If you have problems with it sticking, take it off, wet the sticky part, wait for it to dry, then stick it back on. I haven’t dropped my phone once since putting it on my phone, which is always a plus.

Besides the two designs I got, there’s also 19 other designs you can pick and choose from. I’ll have them linked down below! I hope you liked reading! 💙

PopSockets: Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones and Tablets – Blue Nebula

Blue Nebula PopSocket.jpg

PopSockets: Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones and Tablets – Trees

Trees PopSocket

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A Note to my “Not-So-Little-Brother”


Let’s throwback to almost 5 years ago. You were riding your bike around the grade school. I was walking around town with Carly. We saw you with one of our friends so we walked over there. I yelled a word I probably shouldn’t have, and you went flying off your bike. After that, we became family.

We told each other everything. We hung out almost everyday. We did pretty much everything together. You’re my little brother. And because you’re my little brother, we’ve had our share of fights, all of which were your fault because I’m always right. But what can I say?

We’ve had a lot of good times in the years we’ve been ‘siblings’. Like the time we drove the go cart into the fence at the grade school… they fixed the fence by the way. (Andrew didn’t believe we actually did that so I tried to show him the fence to prove it but they fixed it lol). I even remember when you were at your house and I was at mine, we both wanted to watch Ghost Adventures together so we FaceTimed each other. Best decision of our lives. All those times cruising around with Carly and Kodee, causing a big ruckus around town. Man, we raised hell in this town.

I still have so many throwback pictures on my phone from years ago… I swear, something about us pops up on my Timehop everyday. Like… the time we went swimming in the lake with Carly and a bunch of our friends. Carly and I got tapeworms from that. You’ve been there for me through all of my boy drama…. There was a lot of it. Thanks for that.

Then… you moved away. I don’t know if I was more mad or upset. I felt like I was losing my brother and I would never see you again. You moved about 30-40 minutes away. It was devastating for both of us. We ended up not talking for awhile, but lately we’ve been getting close again. You told me about all your relationship drama, school drama, friend drama, all of it. Andrew and I came to surprise you about a week ago. You’ve grown up! Don’t grow up! It’s not allowed, sorry. 

You’re about to get your license in a month or two… So you WILL be coming to see me soon. I don’t care if you have to steal a car. Actually… don’t steal a car cause then I’ll get in trouble for telling you to do that. This isn’t Grand Theft Auto here.

It’s been 5 years since we’ve been friends and it feels like it’s been forever. You need to stop growing up and stay the immature little kid I used to know. You’re too young to have a girlfriend too, so don’t get one of those. I even used to be taller than you. Now you’re a foot taller than me. But no matter how far apart we are I’ll always be here for you whenever you need me. I’m just a Snapchat away.

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My Insecurities.

“Don’t pay attention to what others think of you.” “Their opinions don’t matter.” “They’re only making fun of you because they feel bad about themselves.” 


All the sentences people have said to me when I get made fun of, especially when they call out my insecurities. Living in todays world, society judges…. Hardcore. Maybe not out loud, but rather inside their heads so nobody can hear their thoughts on others. So because of this everybody is being made fun of because of things they are very insecure about and can’t change.

A few posts ago I wrote about having confidence. In that post I said to show off your insecurities, don’t let others get to you, and just have fun. I’m not going to lie, I struggle to do that sometimes. Every time I go tout somewhere in public I feel like people are judging me and it makes me feel so self conscious about the way I look and what I’m wearing. It’s hard when you feel really confident one second and the next second somebody brings up something you’re insecure about and your day gets ruined. It takes a lot to be able to brush it off like it’s nothing. Some people don’t even announce their insecurities for fear others will constantly notice it, or it will change how others perceive them. Today I’m going to tell all of you what I’m insecure about and what I don’t like about myself.

For starters, I hate my jawline. It’s little and not as prominent as I want it to be. The double chin life is real! Today, if you don’t have a nice jawline, you basically aren’t attractive… according to society. Well I saw screw society! If you have 23 chins, let the 23 chins show! It doesn’t make you ugly. It makes you beautiful. One of a kind.  

I also don’t like my voice. I sound like a cow mixed with a little boy who is about to go through puberty… with the voice cracks every other sentence. I hate having my voice on video because I think I sound horrendous. But I’m done caring about my voice. I’m going to talk in videos all I want!

Chicken legs. I. Have. Chicken. Legs. My mother decided to bring back my childhood nickname “chicken legs”. Now everybody calls me chicken legs. But hey, if they look like chicken legs they must look pretty delicious because who doesn’t love chicken?!

My ears. When I was born one of my ears sat higher up than the other, and one stuck out farther. So my glasses always sit cock-eyed. I’m glad I’m a fond lover of contacts! My glasses either rub against my ears or fall off my face. There is no in-between. Dear contacts, don’t ever leave me… – an avid user. 

As you can see, I have a lot of insecurities, but that isn’t going to stop me from living my life how I want. If people feel the need to talk about how ugly I am, go ahead because I know my self worth. (I also like to make fun of myself). That’s such an important thing to know. Know your self worth. You are all worth it. Every single one of you reading this. Whoever you are, you are beautiful. Don’t every forget that. Don’t be afraid to get out there. I challenge everybody to comment something they are insecure about! Brush off what everybody says and let your insecurities show! I hope you all liked reading! (Sorry I’m posting this a day late… I got lazy don’t hate me!) 💙

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A Day in the Life of Abby and Carly

Some know us as Abby and Carly. Others know us as our alter egos, Timmy and Jimmy. Yes, we are twins. Now we don’t look alike at all, but that’s not the point. We’re twins because we’ve been best friends for almost 6 years. We used to be around each other every single day and we know everything about one another. We have that ‘twin’ connection that nobody can replace.

She moved out of Brimfield awhile ago, but that doesn’t stop us from seeing each other. On this particular day, we decided to take a day to get away from everybody since we both hate people. It stresses us out man. So we left Carly’s baby with her father and went out for an adventure.


The first stop on our day of fun was Gordman’s. We went in there to look around at everything. We made our way to the furniture section and found some chairs we wanted and well… this is how it went….


We also found those really cool pillows that have the different colored sequins on them and we wrote our names so people knew we were there.

Tim & Jim

After messing around for awhile longer and smelling some nasty perfume, we went over to Starbucks where things got pretty heated. We got our coffee and sat down. There were two college girls diagonal from us doing homework. An older guy was across from us on his computer. There were a few other people in there as well. Everything was going really well… until Carly started to get loud. She saw something on the internet and started to get loud saying “IS THAT MY OLD APARTMENT?!?!” People started staring so I started smacking her on the forehead. “CARLY!!” I started to whisper yell her name. She got really upset about it. Then all this happened…


Theres a reason why we don’t go out in public too much… While we were there I put a massive amount of sugar in my coffee so this next part of the day gets a little crazy since I was on a sugar high.

We decide to go to Target next because Target is the place where all girls go to get things they don’t need. On our way there Despacito comes on the radio which we jam out to. (It came on the radio about 6 times while we were driving and I wasn’t complaining). 

At Target we were pretty much just walking around looking at absolutely everything. We also found something… more chairs!


PetSmart is right next to Target, so we walking over to look at the fish. We’re both getting fish soon so we wanted to find the pretty ones. I wanted to find the fattest, ugliest fish they had and name it Caleb, but all the fish were so cute I just couldn’t find an ugly one. We walked to the other side of the store and found cats for adoption. They were all so cute I started crying. Carly got excited when she saw all the dogs getting groomed. After that we decided we were getting way too emotional and needed to go back to Brimfield. That’s pretty much what happened that day. Except for one thing…




That actually happened as we were walking back to the car. 

I hope you guys liked reading about Timmy and Jimmy’s adventures! Carly and I will be doing a Q&A in a week or two so comment a question/questions you want us to answer! You can also tweet me, DM me on Instagram, or Snapchat me! Like and comment if you want me to write about more crazy things we do! Also, follow me on snapchat to see all the other dumb things we do! Abbs717 


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A Note To My “Not-So-Little” Sister


Okay, so you aren’t really my blood sister. But I’ve known you since you were just a little kid. We’ve always been close, so that makes us sisters right? I mean, we’ve had ‘sister fights’ and ‘sister talks about boys’ and so many other ‘sister’ things. That definitely makes us sisters.

I’ve watched you grow up. I’ve been there to see huge milestones in your life. Like going into middle school, graduating Jr. High and moving onto high school (Good job by the way, I’m so freaking proud of you!). Soon you’ll be getting your license and that honestly terrifies me. You’re not grown up enough! I remember you being a little girl wanting to slide down the stairs on blankets. Now you’re going to be driving, going on dates and so much more!


Not only have I been there in the past, but I’m going to be there for you in the future, whenever you need me I’ll be here! Even though we don’t live next to each other anymore, I’m just a 5 minute drive away.

Let’s name off some memories we’ve had with each other growing up: 

  1. The time I stayed at your house and we stayed up all night. We were so sleep deprived making that pizza at 2 in the morning we found everything so funny we couldn’t shut up to save our lives.
  2. The time you were standing on a stool and the stool leg gave out and you came plummeting 2 feet to your floor. I’m sorry but that’s still the funniest thing you’ve ever done haha. By far the best memory ever! I just wish I had a video of it to show everybody… but sadly I don’t.
  3. Walking up to Casey’s when it was 10 degrees outside wearing t-shirts and shorts with our Uggs. What were we thinking?!
  4. All those nights gossiping about boys in your room and going through all your lip balms. Do you still have all of those?
  5. Hanging out at all the basketball games together and road tripping to the far away games.
  6. All the countless times we’ve had a picnic on my trampoline and ended up falling asleep.
Kamryn infinity heart
what happens when I stay the night at her house

Although we’re growing up, you’re still my little sister and you always will be. Your family is my family and vice versa. I can’t wait to see you grow up and watch all the amazing things you’re going to do. Just remember, if you ever need somebody to talk to about all the drama in your life or just need to hangout I’m here. I love you little sister 💙

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