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Everybody goes though periods where they don’t feel very confident. If you’re like me, that’s every single day. It’s completely normal to feel that way. If you’re having a bad hair day, bloating, acne, it happens! But sometimes people get in a rut where it’s a big mass of insecurities in front of them and they just can’t seem to overcome it. I’ll tell you some ways I’ve gotten over my mountain sized pile of insecurities and started to feel more confident.

Let your insecurities show: Nobody is perfect. Everybody has some type of insecurity whether it’s acne, scars, fat, stretch marks, or anything else that can bring even the most positive person down. Don’t be ashamed to show the world who you truly are. Don’t try to be somebody you aren’t. For example, if you don’t like to wear makeup don’t cake your face in every foundation you have because you have a few pimples. Everybody gets pimples… Just be you.

Be proud of who you are: I believe that God made you like this for a reason so be proud of it! There’s only one of you in this world! Well… unless you have identical siblings… in that case there’s more of you, but that makes you awesome!

Take pictures, get out there, and make memories: You’ll be sad when you’re older don’t have pictures to look back on from your high school or college years. Those are said to be the “best time of your life”. If it truly is the best time of your life, get out there and start living! Don’t be afraid to get out there because you think there is something wrong with… there isn’t. You are beautiful, amazing, and beyond gorgeous just being yourself. I know this is cliche but you really don’t live forever… there’s only one time you get to be this young, so make these years you’re on this Earth count!

Treat yourself: Don’t be afraid to go out and spoil yourself once every week or two. Go to Bath and Body Works (the best store ever hands down) and get some new perfume and soaps. Or go to a clothing store and buy the perfect outfit you’ve been dying to have. Get your hair or nails done. Do something to make you feel beautiful and your confidence will really show.

Change you lifestyle: If you aren’t confident because you aren’t living a healthy life you can change that! Exercise, diet, sleep well, and drink lots of water. You’re acne will clear up, you’ll have a better mindset and positive energy, you’ll be able to step out into the world and feel the best you’ve ever been.

Also, if you have friends that keep bringing you down constantly and making you feel bad about your insecurities GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE!!! They aren’t worth your time and energy. Get some new friends who will help you on your journey to feeling more confident.

Those are some tips I have used to feel more confident. I’ve had acne, I have scars all over my legs, I have insecurities that make me hate myself a lot, but everyday I’m working towards overcoming them. Lately I’ve been feeling more positive because I kicked a lot of “friends” out of my life and have gotten out there and started living. Trust me, it’s the best feeling ever. You won’t regret it. 💙

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  1. Thankyou. Like thankyou so much.
    Maybe it is the perfect timing or a coincidence, but, I really needed it right now. Even though I never cared about my physical appearance or the physical flaws but I needed it right now because these scars are sometimes in there in your heart, your mind. I felt broken because of numerous reasons, I had a heavy heart till now, but, this gave me a new hope so thankyou so much.❤

    1. You’re so welcome! The whole reason I started a blog is to help people. It’s so rewarding when amazing people like you can tell me I helped you, even if it’s just a little pick me up. Just remember, you are beyond perfect in so many ways. If you ever need to let anything off your chest, you can email me or find me on social media. I am always happy to help and listen! 💙 I hope you continue to have hope and you’re very welcome again.

  2. Love this! We have a very similar thought process and I appreciate it so much! 💙 We all need to love ourselves. We spend way too much time looking out for others but spend little time on our self. Very nice post ☺️

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