We Rescued a Kitty!

Yesterday afternoon, Andrew and I were sitting at the library, just hanging out as always. I look over towards the alley and I found a little cat walking down the alley. Me, being the extreme cat lover I am, took my bag of cat treats out of my bag and walked over to the cat.

He’s a very shy cat. I’ve seen him walking around for a few months now… he’s homeless and I’ve always felt so bad. But every time I would try to walk up to him and feed him, he would run away.

He likes to hide in the bush behind him. 

This time I walked up to him slowly and dropped some treats on the ground. He was extremely shy at first but slowly made his way over to me and started eating some treats. I noticed he was meowing a lot. Not a happy or hungry meow… it was an ‘I’m in pain’ meow. I went to pet him and I saw he had a cut on the right side of his neck. I automatically called Andrew over to show him. I started to have a breakdown because I hate seeing animals in pain, especially cute little kitties.

Andrew texted a family member and asked what we should do because we didn’t want to leave the cat to suffer. She said we should take him to PAWS, an animal shelter in a nearby city. They were closed since it was Sunday evening, but we found out that they have carriers outside that you can drop off animals in. Somebody drives by every hour and checks to see if any animals are there, and that person takes them inside to get whatever help they need.

So now we had to figure out how to get this hurting kitty into Andrew’s truck without him freaking out. At that time, our friend Ryan showed up and offered to help. (What a great friend!) We ended up having Ryan put a towel around him and pick him up. The cat didn’t like that at all. He kept running into a bush and I would have to coax him back out. After 45 minutes, we finally got him. He was so terrified but we knew he was going to get help.

On the way to the shelter, he kept meowing. He was scared, in pain and just wanted to be happy. We tried to give him treats, but he wasn’t hungry. I cried almost the entire way there because I hated to hear him so sad like that.

Gary in the truck .jpg
On the way to the shelter

When we were a few minutes away he started to cry… I was heartbroken but I knew he was getting the help he needed and maybe he would even get a loving family to take care of him. My mom is allergic to cats so I can’t keep him even though I really wanted to.

We got there and put him in a little carrier. We didn’t know how long it was going to be until somebody came by to take him in the building, so we put some treats in a cup the shelter had sitting out and got him settled in. We also left a note telling where we found him, what happened and Andrew’s phone number so they could call and update us. (We haven’t gotten an update yet.)

I started to call him Gary. Even though I didn’t get to keep Gary, and I may never see him again, I know we did the right thing. I’m very thankful for the PAWS animal shelter for having carriers outside. I’m thankful for Ryan helping us get him to the shelter safely. Andrew and I couldn’t have done it without him!

Have you ever had any experience like this? Let me know in the comments! 💙

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  1. That is so sad. Not many people like to help animals. I’m glad you did. You will love this when I tell you that I found kittens at a house my family and I was taking care of for the holidays. We left plates of milk out for them. Sadly, we couldn’t do anything with them, because we failed to catch the mother and we didn’t want to separate them. To my frustration, however, I don’t know what happened to them after that. I can only hope they are okay.

    1. Awwh, I hope that little kitty family are doing alright… I hate to see homeless animals wandering around all alone, just wanting a family to love them and take care of them the right way 💙

  2. K first of all sissy good thing u did with the cat 2nd lmao “gary”….im dying over here and last mom is not allergic to cats….i had them the whole time growing up

    1. Andrew started to call him “Garfield” lol but he looks nothing like a Garfield so I started calling him Gary lol. But she has always told me she’s allergic to cats so I wasn’t allowed to have any

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