iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

About two weeks ago I got a new phone. I went from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 Plus, the newest model of iPhone available right now. I got the 7 Plus because it’s bigger and I wanted something bigger even though I have baby hands haha. I would’ve gotten the iPhone 7, but it’s the same size as the 6… and the main thing I wanted was big. Every girl knows that when you get a new phone, you need a new case or two, so that’s exactly what I did! I got on Amazon, which I use for everything, and I ordered two phone cases. I’ll have them linked down below!

  1. ULAK Armor Slim (Dual layer) protection (Scratch resistant) hard back cover (Shock Absorbent) TPU Bumper Case. 

I got the Silver and Grey color scheme because I love these two colors together. On Amazon, there are some other colors and designs to choose from.

Durability: This case covers the camera nicely so it doesn’t scratch up, the screen is very well protected. The edges of the case rise up over the screen so the screen doesn’t touch the ground when it’s dropped. (I haven’t dropped it yet, but I’m sure I will soon!) This phone case also looks exactly like the picture displayed on Amazon. Lastly, it lays over the lock screen and volume buttons perfectly. I’m very highly satisfied and would tell everybody who wants a protective case to purchase this one.

10/10 Protective. 9/10 Pretty.

iPhone 7 Plus Case, ULAK Knox Armor Slim [Dual Layer] Protection [Scratch Resistant] Hard Back Cover [Shock Absorbent] TPU Bumper Case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus [5.5 inch]

2. A-Focus Marble Stone Pattern IMD Anti-Scratch Anti-Finger Slim Soft Flexible TPU Cover Case. 

I got this case in the Matte Dark Grey color scheme because it goes with my personality the best. There were TONS of other styles and colors to choose from!

Durability: I’m going to honestly say this case isn’t as protective as the other case. It still covers the camera nicely, fits over the buttons perfectly and rises up over the screen, but not as much as the other case. I still really like it though since it’s so hard to find a case thats cute and protective. Like the last one, this one looks like the picture displayed on Amazon. I would recommend this case if you’re looking for something cute!

10/10 Pretty. 8/10 Protective.

Iphone 7 Plus Case, A-Focus Frosted Full Print Slim Pink Blue Green Marble Pattern Series Anti-Scratch Anti-Finger Soft Flexible TPU Cover Case for Iphone 7 Plus 5.5″ – Matte Dark Grey

I hope you all enjoyed reading this! What kind of phones do you guys have? Let me know in the comments! See you all next time 💙

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  1. Love this, I have the same phone. Love my 7 plus and same as you had to get a case, I went for rhino shield. Ace phone case and works amazing even after a few very rough crashes on my mountain bike.

  2. Thanks for these reviews!! It will really help me when pickin out a new case!! Keep up the great blogs!!!

        1. I heard that another one from Apple is $60! But I was looking on Amazon the other day and I found them for $9, which is still really expensive for a little tiny adapter but it’s cheaper than what Apple wants to sell it for!

            1. It’s amazing how they think they can make a quick buck like that. They already make millions of dollars a year. Don’t get me wrong I do like Apple I would rather have a iPhone over an Android but they don’t need to make useless things that we have to pay more money for

  3. ULAK Armour Slim looks very nice. I normally hate cases since the make the phone look humongous … but couple weeks ago, my iphone 7+ slipped out of my pocket.

    At the apple store, they gave me a $300 quote to replace the screen (and another $50 for a screen protector). There was also a note that the entire phone “may or may not need to be replaced”.
    There are so many cases described as “bulletproof” but its good to know if there are actually good ones. Thank you for the review!

    1. You’re welcome! I haven’t had a big accident with my phone yet. There have been a few times where it’s fallen off my bed, but that’s only about 2 feet with carpeted floor beneath

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