Father’s Day

What can I say, my dad is the best. A lot of people say that their dad is the best, but I’ll never find a guy like my dad. I get everything from him. His eyes, his ears, his love for sports, his appetite… and his attitude. I’m just a little girl version of him. He’s taught me everything I know. He’s been there for absolutely everything that’s happened in my life.

He’s the reason I love sports. If it wasn’t for him I never would’ve played softball when I was little. He bought me my first baseball glove, ball and bat. We would spend hours practicing in the front yard. He thought I was pretty good so he decided to sign me up for a summer softball league. I loved playing so much. Even after I stoped playing we continued to throw a ball back and forth. He went to every single game and even every practice.

I was born into pretty much a St. Louis Cardinal Family… so he made sure from the second I was born I was a cardinal fan. We go to one or two games a year since we only live a few hours from St. Louis. I’m actually watching a cardinal game on tv as I write this haha.

I’m an only child to him so I’ve always been his little princess and I always will be even though I’m pretty much all grown up. He’s done so much for me just so I could have the best life possible. He’s given up so much just for me and I couldn’t be happier. He’s made sure  that for the 19 years I’ve been alive I’ve had enough food (I eat a lot), clothes (I’m a girl I love clothes), a nice home to live in and even more. For my 16th birthday he completely redecorated my room. It was one of the best things he’s ever done for me. He’s helped me  each time I broke a phone screen or a computer… I don’t have good luck with technology.

I’m his little girl and I always will be. Not just because I’m the only child, but because I’m 19 and I look 15. Because of him I’ve been brought into this world, blessed with a huge family, and have the greatest life ever. I couldn’t be anymore thankful to have him as my dad.

I wish everybody out there a very happy Father’s Day! What are some things you and your dad do together? Let me know in the comments! 💙

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