Does My Boyfriend Really Know Me?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend Andrew for almost 2 years. He’s the best person ever. He’s one of the few people in this world who accepts my weirdness and deals with how truly crazy I am. I’m pretty sure he secretly hates me though haha. At least once a day he tells me to “Shut the hell up you’re so annoying” or “You’re done”. But it’s alright because I annoy him just as much 💙

Since we’ve been together for about 2 years you think he would know everything about me right? Well let’s just see!

  1. Favorite color: Blue. Correct!
  2. Favorite food: Psketti (Spaghetti, I call it psketti haha) Correct!
  3. Favorite restaurant: Avantis Correct!
  4. Favorite sports team: Cardinals Correct!
  5. Favorite tv show: The Loud House Correct!
  6. Favorite band: All Time Low Correct!

Now let’s get a little harder…

  1. When did I get my first stuffy: My first Easter Correct!
  2. Who are my two best friends: Carly and Caleb Correct!
  3. How many times have I had to get stitches: Once Correct!
  4. Where did we first meet: Casey’s Correct!
  5. Where was our first “Date” and with who: Walmart in the ghetto with Carly Correct!
  6. What time was I born: ummmm I don’t remember Wrong… 7:07 a.m. 
  7. Where do I want to travel to first together: Bora Bora  Correct! 

Honestly I thought he would get most of these wrong… but he actually did really good. I’m pretty proud haha! I guess he actually does listen to the things I say (Sometimes). I love him with all my heart though even though he hates me. 💙

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  1. I don’t hate you baby! I love you! And I’m so far beyond proud of you for how well you’re doing on these blogs!! Keep up the great blogs!

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