Storytime: How I got a Kickstand in my Leg

When I was in the 6th grade I was in a pretty bad accident. It was September 11, 2011. Pretty nice day out. The sun was shining and it was overall a good day. I got home from school like every other day, nothing out of the ordinary. I ate, did what little homework I had to do and went outside just like every other 6th grade kid did. I got on my bike and started riding it around town. I met up with some of my friends and we had a bike race.

We all lived on the same road so we raced up and down the road. I was riding my bike pretty fast… on loose gravel. Bad idea. Don’t do that. After that everything happened really fast. I don’t really remember exactly what happened, but I lost control of the handlebars, flipped over the front of my bike, and landed with my bike on top of me. I started screaming because I didn’t know what the hell happened. All I was thinking about was getting the bike off of me.

A neighbor lady ran over to me and got my bike off of my flailing body. I probably looked like a goose with a broken wing trying to fly. I stood up thinking everything was normal. Then I saw massive amounts of blood running down my leg. The kickstand on my bike got lodged in my leg. I started having a panic attack. I thought I was dying. The lady walked me to my house. My mom saw my leg and about passed out. She called 911 and right as my dad got home from work an ambulance showed up… he was pretty confused. Great timing dad. The guy in the ambulance looked at my leg and said I needed to go to the hospital to get stitches. I had never been to a hospital before so I was freaking out.

We got to the hospital and we spent 2 hours in there getting layers upon layers of stitches in my leg. The doctor said I was pretty close to hitting an artery in my leg and dying… no big deal right? I was so out of it and delirious by then I couldn’t understand what anybody was saying. Now I’m blessed with a quarter sized scar on my upper thigh. I’m glad I can look back and laugh at it.

That’s the story of how I got a kickstand in my leg.ย 

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  1. I so remember that….such a bad big sister I laughed at u… Abby I’m sorry for laughing at u when u had a kickstand in ur leg

  2. Your story reminded something that happened to me when I was 7, I was jumping just behind an air conditioner and I hit my forehead with the corner of the air conditioner, I started bleeding really bad and I did have to go to the doctor to get that fixed, really painful tho

  3. I have numerous scars on my body too. Such a “nice” kid I was lol. So I have two pretty amazing ones on my two knees. One of them was caused by a rusted nail that got lodged inside when I fell down while playing.
    Mom was so afraid. I remember being scared because of that. Haha. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Anyway. Amazing post as usual. Could totally relate. ๐Ÿ’™

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