Imaginary Paradise

Do you ever have a dream so real that you wake up and think it actually happened? Or you do something and you dreamt it, and realize it’s happening to you right now? That happens to me all the time.

One time Andrew and I were driving down a country road just talking when I started to realize I dreamed about that exact same thing happening. The road we were on and even what we were talking about. I started to wonder if my imagination made everything up and that I was just dreaming. Pinch me I must be dreaming. I wasn’t dreaming though.

I also daydream a lot, especially when I shouldn’t be. My mind goes into this beautiful imaginary land where nothing can go wrong. Scenarios of things that have happened in the past mixed with things I dream about for the future all float into my head and make me drift away from reality. In a world full of so many negative things why wouldn’t you wanna drift away from reality? Hate, crimes, innocent people dying for no good reason. It gives me a break from the real world… and I love it.

Then suddenly I get snapped back into reality… only wanting to go back to my imaginary paradise… 

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