Mandela Effect

I’ve never been a person to believe in things out of this universe, but this really opened up my eyes. One day Carly and I were sitting at my house and she brought up the Mandela Effect. Being honest with her I told her I had no idea what the hell she was talking about, I thought she had gone crazy again. She started to explain it to me though and it started making a lot of sense to me. We started watching a bunch of Shane Dawson videos (he’s my idol I aspire to be like him) and I really started to think about it. I fell down a huge hole of Shane and ended up questioning my entire life existence.

So basically the Mandela Effect is when a large group of people remember something happening, but when they go back and look it didn’t really happen. Some people have a theory of a parallel universe where somebody has traveled back in time and changed something so minuscule so that nobody noticed. The name of this theory is named after Nelson Mandela, who was thought to have died in prison in the 80’s, yet his actual death was on December 5th 2013. People swear they can remember him dying in prison… but he didn’t. Creepy right? Well, somebody might just think it was a coincidence or big misunderstanding… but then people started noticing other little differences. Here are some of the most famous Mandela Effects.

  1. Berenstain Bears. A lot of people remember seeing it as “Berenstein Bears” but the actually spelling of it is “Berenstain Bears”.
  2. Star Wars. Everybody remembers the saying “Luke, I am your father.” but if you look back the saying is “I am your father”. 
  3. Sex and the City. I even distinctly remember is being called “Sex in the City, but I’m already crazy so I don’t know.
  4. Oscar Mayer: This one makes me so mad I’ve always known it as “Oscar Meyer.” 
  5. Curious George: I don’t remember this one but people used to see Curious George having a tail. He doesn’t have a tail.

Those are just some of the most popular Mandela Effects today. There are hundreds out there and more are being discovered all the time. Do you guys believe in this theory? If so, let me know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this and want me to make another post about this let me know!

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  1. Wow! I wasn’t aware of this! This is so interesting. I can relate this with the feeling of ‘deja vu’ and I feel that they are really similar. Thank you for sharing this. It made me think. 💙

  2. “The Mandela effect”
    For some reason, I feel like I´ve heard of this before but I really didn´t know what it was about, but it´s interesting, make me curious about so many things

  3. If the time travelers could manipulate the logos and the titles why they don’t manipulate us? I mean if they are so sophisticated, it will be really easy to just change our memories. So I think the Mandela effect is just a phenomenon that social scientist still figuring out why. In fact, I made some of my own theory of the Mandela effect that supported by psychological reasoning that actually make sense!. Check this link!

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